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Question:What are some features of Post.Office?

  • Integrated SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, directory, and finger servers. All refer to a single account database for user information and addressing.

  • Secure design and operation. Notably the system does not run with root permissions, and user access can be limited to specified domains or hosts.

  • Account management and system configuration accomplished via email or web-based fill-in-the-blank forms.

  • An integrated list manager allows web and email-based subscription, unsubscription, and mailing list moderation.

  • Program Delivery allows messages for a particular mail account to be delivered to an administrator defined program, if desired.

  • Handles mail for multiple domains on a single machine.

  • Allows domain-based rather than host based addresses (i.e., person@domain.com, rather than person@host.domain.com), if preferred.

  • Allows arbitrary email addresses, such as Firstname.Lastname, for each user. These addresses are independent of any user login ID.

  • Allows any number of email addresses (aliases) for users. These are not counted as mailboxes.

  • Mail accounts are supported for users without login accounts.

  • Mailbox size limits can be established for individual accounts and the entire system.

  • Administrators can set the maximum message size allowed.

  • Several auto-reply options allow automated responses to incoming mail for any address on your site. Options include auto-reply, auto-reply with original message included, and a vacation mode that lets correspondents know when users are unable to read their mail.

  • Command-line interface provided, similar to UNIX sendmail systems. The -bd, -bm, and -bp operating modes are supported.
  • Multi-threaded. Post.Office can accept multiple incoming connections.

  • Uses mail exchange (MX) records in the Domain Name System server to determine where to send messages.

  • No programming language or unfamilar syntax to learn.

last updated 11.01.2003
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