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Question:How do I set up multiple domains?

  1. Set your MX record to deliver mail to the appropriate new domain(s) to your Post.Office host name.

  2. Create accounts for the user@domain as you wish. Post.Office will accept mail for any Internet address as long as the mail is delivered to it properly (MX records) and it has an Internet address entry that matches the header of the mail message.

    Users can receive mail for multiple domains if their Internet address field contains multiple domain entries, i.e.,



    If you want their outgoing mail to have a particular domain address, make sure that the desired address is the first one listed under the Internet Addresses and that Address Rewriting is turned on as either Quoted or Commented.

    One advantage of this configuration is that you can have the multiple accounts with the same name at separate domains, i.e.,


    can be different from

    If they are created as separate accounts, they can then have separate POP deliveries, auto-replies, etc.

  3. Pick one of your domains to be utilized for Address Completion as defined in the Post.Office's System Configuration Form. For example, if someone sends a message to Post.Office, without any domain name (i.e., Joe) what would you like to automatically append (tenon.com)? You may define only one.

    This entry will also change the default domain name that you and your users see when you display the Authentication Form.

    Note: If you don't define a domain in the Address Completion field and Post.Office receives mail to deliver without a domain name, it will default to the postofficehostname.domainname, which may not be an address that you have defined for all of your users.

  4. You should also define both domains as your "Local Mail Domains" in the System Configuration Form, if your Post.Office hos is the only mail host receiving mail for these domain names and you are not doing any routing of these domains to another mail host.

last updated 11.01.2003
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