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Question:I am only using Post.Office and WEBmail 5.2. Why do I need iTools 7?
Answer:WebMail 5.2 installation instructions for systems without iTools:

iTools is required to set up the proper operational environment for WEBmail 5.2. iTools includes MySQL (needed for WEBcalendar). The WEBmail setup can be accomplished with the freely downloadable iTools.

Please donít hesitate to contact support@tenon.com if any issues arise.

1. Download the following packages from http://www.tenon.com/products/itools7/done.html

MySQL.dmg.gz (4.0.15 or later)
PHP.dmg.gz (4.3.2 or later)

2. Make sure you have a mail server that is already enabled for mail operation.
3. Install the downloaded packages according to the following sequence:

- Once iTools is installed, launch iTools Administration Server by bringing up a web browser on the server machine and pointing it to:
- Type in your user name and password. The default is admin for the user
- name and admin for the password.
- This will bring you to the main menu. You are now logged into iTools.
- Switch the iTools web server to use Apache 1.3. (This is very important).

Click on Web Settings. In the Web Settings (Virtual Hosts) page, go to the menu at the top of the browser and click on the Advanced tab. On the right hand side, just underneath the word "Value" change the toggle button by clicking on the arrows from "Apache 2.0" to "Apache 1.3" Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Apply".

- Shut down MySQL server from iTools Manager or Administration Server (System Status).
- Setup MySQL root user with a private password.
- Click on the System Status stoplight icon. If there is not a Green button next to MySQL server, click on "Restart Service" to the right of the MySQL service.
- Go back to the Main Menu in iTools by clicking on the Main Menu section in the upper left hand corner of the browser window. Click on:
- MySQL Database Settings.
- Type in a new password where it says (at the bottom of the screen)
- Enter new root MYSQL password:
- and click on "apply".
- Restart MySQL server from iTools Manager or iTools Administration Server (System Status).

- If you are using Post.Office or already have IMAP and POP installed on the server, please select customize, and uncheck ipop3d-imapd package.

4. Drag out iTools Manager.app from /Applications to the trash can. If you do not have an iTools license, we recommend dragging the iTools Manager.app from the Applications folder to the Trash. Without a license, the iTools Manager & iTools Administration Server will only operate for 14 days from installation. An iTools license is not necessary for the WEBmail to operate. The server is now installed with WebMail and it should be able to operate mail functions from local or remote mail servers.

Other reasons to use iTools with WEBmail 5.2:

There are reasons why you may want to purchase iTools:
- iTools includes Apache 2; WEBmail 5.2 under Apache 2 can utilize FastCGI -- resulting in significantly enhanced performance
- iTools contains a mail server logging analyzer. This can help the system administrator monitor the incoming and out going mail traffic.
- iTools contains a firewall to protect WebMail from hacker and unwanted internet traffic.
- iTools contains monitoring tools to make sure the WEBmail web server and mail server are running.
- iTools will help you easily host multiple WebMail virtual hosts on one machine.

Note: If you are running Apple's Apache, please contact Tenon Technical Support. iTools has the capability of importing your configuration into iTools but you may need assistance in adding this data into iTools.

last updated 22.05.2004
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