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Instructions for applying Mac OS 9.1 patch to WebTen 3.x, XTen 6.1.6, MachTen 4.1.4 and NetTen 1.4

If you have already updated your Tenon software to the latest OS 9.0 compatible versions, then this additional library update will give you 9.1 compatibility.

If you need to purchase an update first, go here.

The installer below can be used to update the latest releases of Tenon's Mac OS products (MachTen 4.1.4, XTen 6.1.6, WebTen 3.0.x, NetTen 1.4). Please first install and read through the README file included in this installer. The installer will replace the following three files in your software's library:
OTSocketLib -- Kernel Library for Using OpenTransport.
SocketLib -- Kernel Library for Tenon's Network Stack.
MachLib -- Mach Kernel Library.
The file can be downloaded from:


This is file's size is approximately 1 Mb.

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