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What customers said about moving to OS X Server 1.2 with iTools 5 last year...

"I'd like to make the move from WebTen to iTools/OSX. How big of a leap is this for a Mac expert & UNIX novice?"

"MacOS X Server/iTools is crazily stable and fast. I'm counting uptimes in months... something I _never_ did with MacOS 7/8 etc. iTools definitely makes the transition a joy instead of a stress-fest!"

WebMaster, Montana April, 2000

"I loved how easy it was. I ftp'd the files over all of the sites just as they were.

"Then I turned them off one at a time, off the webten server and turn them on one at a time on the itools. The way [iTools] assimiliated the necessary IP's was beautiful.

"I absolutely love the new platform."

WebMaster, St. Louis April, 2000

"We made the transition with our 4 webservers by the end of last year, after five years of Mac OS webserving-- the best decision ever and easy to do. Besides the super-product iTools - a must have - there are thousands of great products [for OS X Server], most of them for free or for a small fee. I read a nice sentence that summarizes our expierience. It talks about Unix and Linux, same family as Mac OS X.

"Unix/Linux/OS X - because reboots are for hardware updates"

WebMaster, Hamburg, Germany April, 2000

"I did it and it didn't hurt too bad, in fact if you use iTools it's a lot easier and faster and not very different than WebTen. The UNIX stuff is fun to learn and use, as well."

WebMaster, Seattle April, 2000

"iTools/Apache has been much more reliable than WebSTAR. WebSTAR used to tank (especially on the SSL side) twice a month at least. Under heavy load the SSL side tended to crash. I think we've had one kernal panic on our iTools system since we brought it up almost a year ago."

WebMaster, Bare Bones Inc. March 2000

"I had...the same 'tanking' problems which [put me] twice a month in front of the computer to fix what had to be fixed. Since I [started to use OS X Server] and iTools, I just went there once... to install a second computer"

"I think you have to take into account the fact that, beyond just moving from one server software to another, you are going to move from one entire environment to another, and access the power of BSD. That means no more hangs, true multithreading, ability to kill consuming processes, easy file managing, and full remote control of your computer, among others."

"Some may think that Mac OS is more secure (the no-shell thing), but a nicely configured OS X offers very high security too (and the default install is quite secure, at least from my point of view). Plus, considering the fact that iTools allows one to easily configure Apache without dealing with any ".conf" file, I'm just a fan :-)"

"Regarding stability, Mac OS XS just won't fail easily. Regarding delivery speed I found it just blasting."

"As you can see I'm a satisfied customer."

Webmaster, MacPlus magazine, France. March, 2000

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