OS X Transition Strategy for Macintosh Webmasters: REDUX

Tenon's iTools on Mac OS X - Ready to support Mac Webmasters today

Santa Barbara, CA, October 22, 2001. Tenon Intersystems announced a new transition package for Macintosh webmasters who have not yet made the leap from Mac OS to Mac OS X: iTools 6.1 and one year of technical support for only $299!

Tenon's iTools, a highly-acclaimed, second generation product that gives you secure, error-free Apache operation on Apple's new OS, is ready to support Mac webmasters today. iTools includes the latest Apache, DNS and FTP protocol implementations with a browser-based GUI for set-up and administration. Apache, well known as stable, full-strength, feature-rich web server software, is used today on almost 18 million web sites worldwide. Tenon has taken this mature, integrated, scalable software and extended it with performance enhancements, security, and ease-of-use. No need to learn Apache, just use the knowledge you have from years of being a Mac OS webmaster and Tenon's technology will translate your mouse clicks and table entries into terms that Apache can understand.

With Tenon technology, Macintosh web developers can embrace standard internet web tools (such as PHP, Perl, and MySQL), or continue to use the tools that have served them well on Mac OS (Lasso and WebCatalog). Other tools that previously required added expense, such as Rumpus, QuickDNS Pro, Welcome, are no longer necessary because the integrated iTools package supports all the functions that these ancillary products provided. New tools (such as Halcyon's iASP for Active Server Pages support) give Mac webmasters capabilities not available on Macs up until now. And Tenon technical support engineers are available to help Macintosh webmasters make the transition from WebSTAR, EIMS, Rumpus, QuickDNS Pro, and other sundry Macintosh applications to the single, integrated iTools package.

iTools includes the following pre-packaged and pre-configured extensions: WEBmail (for POP or IMAP anytime, anywhere mail access), sendmail 8.12 (mailserver extended with POP3 and IMAP4), MRTG 2.9.4 (Muti Router Traffic Grapher), ht://Dig 3.1.5 (powerful, multiserver search engine), PHP 4.0.6 (popular internet scripting language with a complete range of CGI functions), MySQL 3.23.36 (multithreaded, SQL database server), Tomcat 3.2.1 (Java servlets and Java Server Pages), iASP 1.0.9 (Active Server Pages), a log splitter, Qilan (graphical tool for building and deploying database applications), OpenBase (developer version of a powerful Mac OS X database).

All the software is downloadable from Tenon's web site for testing. Tenon's policy is to provide protocol software updates and bug fixes for FREE. Tenon's technical support is provided for a nominal fee of $99/year. For this "transition promotion", all Macintosh webmasters buying iTools before November 30, will receive one year of technical support at no charge. iTools for Macintosh webmasters is only $299. See the special order form for details: /osxtransition/specialoffer

All of these capabilities are available using Mac OS X 'client' 10.1. With Mac OS X Server 10.1, you can also use WebObjects and Applescript CGIs.

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance networking. Apple's OS X, coupled with the new G4 processors and Tenon's iTools, provides the foundation for world-class content delivery. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at 805-963-6983, by the internet at sales@tenon.com, or via the web at .

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