New iTools 7 Adds Latest Apache & PHP

Real-time web server switching between Apache 2 and Apache 1.3 and new disk quota support included in iTools 7.1

Santa Barbara, CA, July 29, 2003. Tenon updated their iTools 7 with the ability to support either Apache 2 or Apache 1.3. Because some web tools do not yet support the new Apache 2, Tenon extended their groundbreaking iTools 7 with support for the older Apache 1.3. Webmasters can now toggle back to Apache 1.3 for FileMaker Web Connector support, and, when they are ready to make the switch, they will only be a button click away from Apache 2. Apache 2.0.47, PHP 4.3.2, phpMyAdmin 2.5.1 and MySQL 4.0.13 are included in this new package. The iTools Manager layout has been enhanced, disk quotas for ftp users has been added, web log reports, MySQL set up, and bind syntax for the DNS GUI have all been improved. Existing Apache settings are now imported automatically. iTools 7 customers can upgrade to this version using the embedded system update service.

Tenon is committed to keeping its iTools customers up to date with the latest technologies. iTools supports collaborative web development with WebDAV and group calendar's with Apple's iCal. Companion products extend iTools functionality: eShox for multi-domain shopping carts and Post.Office for multi-domain mail and a list server. Together these products give Mac OS X webmasters an easy-to-use, robust, and full-featured tool suite for web service, ftp service, domain name service, eCommerce and SPAM-free mail service.

ITools 7.1 is a free upgrade for iTools 7 customers. iTools is $299 for WebSTAR customers and $249 for iTools 6 customers. See the Tenon web site () for details and purchasing.

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