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Santa Barbara, CA, August 29, 2006. Tenon announced today a Tenon Transition Package to move all production web sites on any WebSTAR server to a Mac OS X-based platform for only $550 per machine. Tenon will move WebSTAR customers on either Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X to iTools on either PowerPC or Intel Mac OS X platforms. The transition package includes a single iTools license.

Tenon's iTools 8.2.2 includes Apache 2.2.2, the latest Apache version that Apple isn't promising for Leopard until next spring. The new Apache architecture yields a 50% performance improvement over Apple's current Apache. WebSTAR sites will be significantly faster on Apache, and if WebSTAR users opt for a new Intel processor in the transition process, they will experience an even greater performance boost. WebSTAR sites using Lasso, Filemaker Advanced Server, WebDNA, 4D, ColdFusion or Flexmail will have no problem making the switch. WebSites with legacy add-ons, e.g. NetCloak, may not be movable, so please contact Tenon for advice before purchasing this limited-time transition package.

Over the past few years, more and more webmasters and small enterprise server managers have moved their sites to Tenon's iTools. Gary Chiasson, Scott, Hawkins Group, says, "After five years of running WebSTAR on fifteen different servers, my client base developed to the point where I really needed to switch to Apache. I discovered iTools and found it capable of handling all my current sites, from all of my WebSTAR servers, on a single machine! Now, because of the ease of setup and operation, I'm using iTools to provide customers with dedicated servers."

Ken Kuehn, Tailored Solutions, says, "Our WebSTAR server used to crash at least once a week. Since making the transition to iTools, our server never goes down". And from Ross Markbreiter, The World Wide Web Store, "We've converted all our servers to iTools. The support from Tenon is the best I've encountered from any software company, always there and very helpful!"

Tenon's iTools is an eighth-generation commercial web-based GUI for configuration and management of the world's most popular web server. The open-source Apache web server has roughly a 60% market share, comprising 50 million web sites. With iTools, web-hosting providers can automate hosting tasks and delegate administration, empowering customers and lowering support costs. Sub-administrators can manage their own name or IP-based web sites and view their own logs, without compromising the privacy of the multi-server machine.

iTools works equally well on Mac OS X 'client' or Mac OS X Server and can be combined with Tenon's Post.Office mail and list server and WEBmail, a web-based mail client. iTools, in two separate packages, one for Intel and one for PPC, is normally $349. An iTools bundle that includes Post.Office and WEBmail and one year of support is $999. See the Tenon web site (http://www.tenon.com) for more details and to purchase.

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Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance networking. Tenon technology has provided the framework for world-class networking on the Macintosh for over a decade. Tenon is continuing that tradition on Mac OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at 805-963-6983, by the internet at sales@tenon.com, or via the web at http://www.tenon.com

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