MachTen Represents A New Dimension In The Personal Workstation Market

Santa Barbara, CA, October 1, 1990. Tenon Intersystems announces MachTen, the confluence of an advanced version of Unix, known as Mach, and the point-and-click environment of the Macintosh. MachTen extends the Macintosh with Mach/Unix workstation functionality, producing the best of the Macintosh and Unix worlds.

MachTen is an implementation of BerkeleyUs 4.3BSD Unix, built on a Carnegie Mellon Mach foundation. MachTen runs as an application on the native Macintosh Operating System (MacOS). Included with MachTen are over 300 Unix programs and a Mach kernel. The kernel supports a standard Unix applications environment. This environment allows all standard Macintosh programs, such as a Macintosh spreadsheet or desk accessory application, to run simultaneously with Unix programs. In addition, MachTen provides added value for standard Macintosh applications. MachTen extends MacOS with true Unix multitasking, full internet communications, a distributed file system via NFS, and a Unix software development environment.

MachTen runs on the complete Macintosh family from the low-end, inexpensive Macs to the high-end, powerful Macs. On the Macintosh Classic, MachTen makes a great low-cost personal workstation. On the MacLC or MacII, MachTen makes a cost effective multiuser workstation.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, is dedicated to providing software that combines PC functionality with the system-oriented benefits of workstation technology. The president and founder of Tenon is Steve Holmgren who implemented NCP for Unix in the early T70s, pioneered high-speed TCP LANs in the early T80s, and, now, is creating personal workstation software and hardware for the T90s.

Tenon's goal is to integrate PCs into the workstation and minicomputer arena by employing standard operating system software, such as Unix and Mach, standard communications protocols, standard graphical user interfaces, and standard network file systems like NFS and AFS. With Tenon's distributed system software, PCs will point-and-click directly onto the rest of the computer industry.

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