Machten X Software Turns Your Macintosh Into A Low-Cost X Terminal

Santa Barbara, CA, May 20, 1992. Tenon Intersystems today released MachTen X Client and X Server software. MachTen X Window software runs on every Macintosh, from the PowerBook to the Quadra. The software is being demonstrated at Interop Spring in Washington, D.C.

MachTen, Tenon's Unix(tm) software for the Macintosh, turns Macintosh hardware into a family of System 7-savvy Unix workstations. Now, with new MachTen X Window software option, your Macintosh can be an X terminal, as well as a Unix workstation and Macintosh application platform.

Tenon's MachTen X Server software, Release 1.4.0, links MachTen users to X Window applications. The MachTen X Server package conforms to X11, Release 4, of MIT's X Window System and runs in conjunction with MachTen and MacOS. MachTen internet connectivity software lets you access X applications anywhere in your client/server environment. MacOS features, such as "copy & paste", are available from both Tenon's Unix software and Tenon's X software. With the click of an icon, users can slide between MacOS applications, Unix applications, and X applications.

The MachTen X Server software has a built-in window manager that supports up to six independently configurable X screens, with three styles available: rooted screens, Macintosh-style rootless windows, or Motif-style rootless windows. The software is 8-bit color compatible and includes a built-in color database and an editor to enable customized color definitions. Clients can display up to 256 colors simultaneously on color screens. Support is also available for 8-bit grey scale monitors as well as monochrome monitors. Macintosh-style tools are available to create and edit user-defined scripts to launch X applications. User specified X clients can be automatically launched when the MachTen X Server is booted.

The MachTen X Window Client, Release 1.5.0, is an X11 application development environment based on MITUs X Window System X11, Release 5. TenonUs X Client software is designed to be used in conjunction with MachTen and the MachTen Development System. It enables the development of X applications under MachTen on the Macintosh. Included in the package are X programming libraries (e.g. Xlib, Xt, Xau, Xext, Xi, and phigs), Athena widgets and utilities (e.g. Xaw, Xmu, and Xdmcp), configuration files (the imake configuration system), and documentation from the X11, R5, MIT release adapted for use under MachTen. Also included for reference are sources for a sampler of X client applications (e.g. xterm, twm, and xbiff). Motif programming libraries are optionally available.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, is dedicated to integrating client and server workstation system software with "point and click" personal computer software and affordable personal computer hardware. TenonUs MachTen and the MachTen Development System for low-cost Macintosh hardware results in as much as an order of magnitude cost reduction in client/server computing.

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