Tenon And Open Technologies Corporation Form Alliance

Agreement includes localization, marketing, and distribution of MachTen UNIX environment in Japan

Santa Barbara, CA - September 21, 1992: Tenon Intersystems and Open Technologies Corporation have joined in a strategic partnership for the marketing and distribution of Tenon's Mach-based BSD UNIX for the Macintosh. As Tenon's exclusive technology partner, Open Technologies Corporation (OTC) will develop Japanese distribution channels and support localization of Tenon's MachTen product family. MachTen turns Macintosh hardware into a family of System 7-savvy UNIX workstations.

"MachTen is state of the art software. It makes a Macintosh a complete BSD UNIX workstation with Mac's useful desktop environment and lots of applications," according to Morihisa Mita, President and CEO of Open Technologies Corporation.

"OTC's expertise in UNIX, Macintosh, and networking, combined with their understanding of the Japanese UNIX workstation market, makes them an ideal partner for Tenon," said Steve Holmgren, President and Founder of Tenon.

MachTen is a Berkeley 4.3BSD Unix, built on a Carnegie Mellon Mach foundation - not a Unix "work-alike" or derivative, but licensed AT&T software. MachTen allows you to continue to run off-the-shelf Macintosh programs while simultaneously running Unix programs. In addition, MachTen enhances MacOS with true Unix multitasking, full internet communications, and a distributed file system via NFS. TenonUs MachTen Development System adds a powerful software development capability to Tenon's UNIX for the Macintosh. Companion software packages provide X client and X server software that runs in conjunction with MachTen. With Tenon's X software your Macintosh can be an X terminal, as well as a UNIX workstation and Macintosh application platform

"Using MachTen with Macintoshes provides a distributed computing environment, not only for engineers, but for other professionals, at a reasonable cost," said Sueyuki Noto, Vice President of Open Technologies Corporation. "And," he said, "the combination of MachTen and the new PowerBook line will make a new standard computing environment for educational and R&D markets in Japan."

"Tenon's software has proven extremely popular in Japan both with universities and major corporations. With localization we expect it to be even more popular," said Anita Holmgren, Tenon's Vice President. Japanese sales have included sites such as Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Tsukuba, Kyushu University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Ryukoku University, Fujitsu, Furukawa, Hitachi, NEC, and Matsushita. Open Technologies Corporation is working with a number of major Japanese computer trading companies to expand Japanese distribution channels for MachTen.

OTC is a newly-formed consulting and system integration company focusing on open system environments under the direction of Mr. Morihisa Mita, co-founder of SRA, one of Japan's largest UNIX software developers.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, is dedicated to putting personal computers on an equal footing with workstations, minis, and mainframes by providing software that combines PC functionality with the system-oriented benefits of workstation technology. Tenon Intersystems is located at 1123 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

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