Tenon Offers Enhanced Software Development Tools For MachTen

New ANSI-standard C and C++ development environment for the Macintosh

Santa Barbara, CA, March 15, 1993. MachTen Professional Unix includes an enhanced set of software development tools running on a Macintosh platform.

Both packages run on every Macintosh, however the MachTen Personal Unix is primarily intended as an affordable Unix for low-end Macintoshes without memory management hardware, while on high-end processors, the new MachTen Professional Unix offers users a full-featured computing environment comparable to that found on larger workstations and minicomputers.

The new packages have an expanded MachTen Control Panel that lets you configure your network in a Macintosh-style dialog box, and enhanced communications that support TCP, not only over LocalTalk and EtherTalk, but also over Token Ring. The MachTen Unix environment now supports the Bourne Shell (sh), C-Shell (csh) and the GNU Korn Shell (zsh).

Tenon introduced MachTen almost two years ago. MachTen Personal Unix at $495 represents a 50% price reduction and MachTen Professional Unix at $695 represents a 30% price reduction, over previous Tenon offerings. Since MachTen is a Macintosh application, TenonUs software extends the existing Macintosh Operating System, rather than replacing it. With MachTen there is no need to partition your disk, add new device drivers, or disturb any existing Macintosh operations. MachTen allows you to continue to run off-the-shelf Macintosh programs while simultaneously running Unix programs.

Companion software packages provide X client and X server software that lets your Macintosh be an X terminal, as well as a Unix workstation and Macintosh application platform.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, is dedicated to integrating client and server workstation system software with "point and click" personal computer software and affordable personal computer hardware.

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