Tenon Debuts UNIX/MACH Virtual Memory For MachTen

Santa Barbara, CA, March 17, 1993. Today at UniForum in San Francisco, Tenon Intersystems is demonstrating a new version of MachTen. MachTen Tenon's Unix software for the Macintosh runs on every Macintosh, from the Duos to the Quadras, turning Macintosh hardware into a family of System 7-savvy Unix workstations. Bringing the power of Unix to low cost Macintosh hardware results in as much as an order of magnitude cost reduction in client/server computing.

MachTen, Release 2.1, marks the debut of Unix/Mach virtual memory support. MachTen Virtual Memory (VM) is a demand-paged virtual memory environment that provides protected memory execution model for Unix processes, as well as an improved paging model for MacOS Macintosh programs. The new MachTen Release 2.1 will continue to run on low-end processors without memory management hardware.

In addition to VM, Release 2.1 has an expanded MachTen Control Panel that lets you configure your network in a Macintosh dialog box. The new software features performance improvements to Tenon's "Desktop NFS", software that lets Macintosh applications access NFS mounted volumes, and uses an enhanced set of software development tools (Development System, Release 1.3) with a source language debugger - gdb - and ANSI-standard header files.

MachTen is Berkeley 4.3BSD Unix, built on a Carnegie Mellon Mach foundation - not a Unix "work-alike" or derivative, but licensed AT&T software. MachTen extends the existing Macintosh software, rather than replacing it. With MachTen there is no need to partition your disk, add new device drivers, or disturb any existing Macintosh operations. MachTen allows you to continue to run off-the-shelf Macintosh programs while simultaneously running Unix programs. In addition, MachTen enhances the Macintosh Operating System with true Unix multitasking, full internet communications, and a distributed file system via NFS.

Tenon's MachTen Development System adds a powerful software development capability to Tenon's Unix for the Macintosh. Companion software packages provide X client and X server software that runs in conjunction with MachTen. With TenonUs X software your Macintosh can be an X terminal, as well as a Unix workstation and Macintosh application platform.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, is dedicated to integrating client and server workstation system software with "point and click" personal computer software and affordable personal computer hardware.

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