Professional MachTen Available for Apples AV Machines

Santa Barbara, CA, February 15, 1994. Tenon's newest software, Personal MachTen
(Release 2.1.1) and Professional MachTen (Release 2.1.1VM), is now available world-wide with lower prices and new features. Tenon Intersystems' Unix for Apple computers, MachTen, has been extended to support Unix/Mach virtual memory for 68040 processors. MachTen is the only Unix available for Macintosh PowerBooks, Duos and Quadra AV machines. The new MachTen software release adds kernel support for international character sets, offers enhanced performance for MacTCP-based applications, and runs on all Macintosh platforms.

MachTen was recently selected by Unix World's Open Computing magazine as "A Best Product of the Year". On low-cost Macintosh hardware, MachTen changes the economics of corporate computing. Tenon's software gives application developers a new set of cost and performance options by offering sophisticated tools on platforms that are one-third to one-fourth the price of previous application support platforms. With MachTen and MachTen X, a Macintosh can be an X terminal, a Unix/Mach workstation, an X development platform and a platform for standard Macintosh productivity applications.

Professional MachTen is a 4.3BSD Reno Unix with a Mach 2.5 microkernel. The package provides a demand-paged virtual memory protected environment for Unix and Mach applications and includes the full TCP/IP protocol suite with file transfer, electronic mail, and telnet, as well as r-series, UUCP, and SLIP communications, NFS client and server software for enterprise-wide file sharing, and Unix remote printer spooling for printer sharing. The software development tools include an ANSI-standard 'C' compiler, a C++ compiler, a source debugger, lex, yacc, and support for Mach C threads and Mach ipc. MachTen TCP communications are supported across EtherTalk, LocalTalk and Token Ring. A MachTen Control Panel lets you configure your network in a Macintosh-style dialog box.

Release 2.1.1 is available as a free update to all Professional MachTen customers. The update is available electronically using the Software Update Protocol (SUP) from Tenon's public Internet 'ftp server'.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, extends and enriches desktop software environments with workstation-class communications and software development tools.

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