MachTen on Power Macintosh Desktops

MachTen on Power Macintosh - Workstation-Class Software with Workstation-Class Performance

Santa Barbara, CA, March 14, 1994. Tenon Intersystems announced today that its Unix for Apple computers, MachTen, will be available for Power Macintosh. Tenon's software is the only Unix available for the Power Macintosh. MachTen runs on all Macintosh hardware, including PowerBooks, Duo, and the Quadra AV machines.

MachTen is a fully capable Unix system with hundreds of standard Unix commands and utilities, a full suite of standard TCP-based communications, including file transfer, virtual terminal support and electronic mail. MachTen not only provides full client NFS file sharing to support the direct linkage of Power Macintosh to workstation and mainframe disk file systems, but also a full NFS server capability to enable Power Macintosh file systems to be mounted by other NFS clients.

In the same way that Tenon's Unix/Mach software gives the Macintosh a new level of capability by extending and enriching the native Macintosh Operating System with software development and communications tools, the Power PC chip gives the Macintosh a new level of performance. MachTen on Power Macintosh combines workstation-class software with workstation-class performance.

The first Power Macintosh MachTen release, available in early 2nd quarter '94, will run in emulation mode. In the 3rd quarter '94, Tenon will extend the Unix software development tools to support cross-compilation of native Power PC applications. Native-mode PowerPC MachTen will be available in the 4th quarter '94.

MachTen and Power Macintosh change the economics of corporate computing. Tenon's software on Apple's new RISC hardware gives application developers a new set of cost and performance options. With MachTen and MachTen X, a Power Macintosh can be an X terminal, a Unix/Mach workstation, an X development platform and a platform for standard Macintosh productivity applications.

Tenon Intersystems, founded in 1989, extends and enriches desktop software environments with workstation-class communications and software development tools. MachTen was recently selected by Unix World's Open Computing magazine as "A Best Product of the Year".

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