Tenon Announces Posix Power Unix at MacWorld

MachTen 4.0 Certified by NIST

Santa Barbara, CA, January 4, 1995. MachTen - Tenon Intersystems' Unix for Apple computers - has been certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as POSIX conformant. Tenon's new POSIX Unix will be released in the first quarter of 1995 for Macintosh and Power Macintosh. The new system is being demonstrated this week at Macworld in San Francisco.

MachTen 4.0 conforms to the Federal Information Processing Standard 151-2 (the POSIX FIPS). The package provides pre-emptive multitasking for Unix applications and includes a full featured, high-performance TCP/IP protocol stack with Internet application protocols (file transfer, virtual terminal and electronic mail), Internet tools (domain name service and internet control message protocols), serial communications support (compressed SLIP and PPP) , Unix communications (rsh, rexec), industry-standard client and server NFS file sharing, a full suite of Unix software development tools with C and C++ and a complete implementation of X11R5.

With MachTen, a Macintosh can be not only a platform for standard Macintosh productivity applications, but also a Unix/Mach workstation, an X development platform, and a high-performance X terminal.

Tenon has been shipping Unix/Mach software for the Macintosh since 1991. In 1994 MachTen was selected by Unix World's Open Computing magazine as "A Best Product of the Year".

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