Tenon Introduces a New, Unique X Server for Power Mac

24-bit Color, X11R6 Compliance, and Unparalleled Performance Highlight Release 6.0

Santa Barbara, CA, March 29, 1996. Tenon is shipping a new, unique X server for Power Macintosh. XTen, Release 6.0, supports 24-bit color and adheres to the MIT X11R6 standard. It is the fastest X server on the Macintosh market and the only X server that supports local X Window managers and local X clients. XTen's multi-threaded architecture lets local and remote X applications run alongside Macintosh applications, making the Power Macintosh a serious tool for distributed X Window environments.

XTen is a flexible Macintosh application that can be easily tailored to suit individual requirements. An XTen Manager lets users configure their X environment by using a Web browser. This point-and-click Web interface can also be used by a systems administrator to centrally configure a site's XTen platforms.

Tenon's technique of bypassing QuickDraw and sending the X drawing primitives directly to the hardware screen buffers gives XTen a significant performance advantage. Tenon's President,
Steve Holmgren, says, "XTen is a new standard in Macintosh X Window Systems with its unique Web browser configuration. Our X11R6, 24-bit capable X system has features that are not available anywhere else. When you add in our 5 XMark performance, XTen is a real value for the end user".
XTen includes an Open Look Virtual Window Manager (olvwm), a Motif Window Manager (mwm),
and hundreds of X clients. XTen supports ICCCM 2.0, scalable fonts, font compilers, and X image extension (XIE). XTen not only supports the X Display Management Control Protocol (xdmcp), but can be configured as an xdm manager. Further, it can be configured to use a remote font server or be a font server itself. In addition, XTen includes a full-featured, high-performance TCP/IP protocol stack that supports multi-homing and IP aliasing features not yet available even with Apple's new Open Transport.

Tenon has been shipping award-winning software for the Macintosh since 1991. By extending MacOS, Tenon's software is letting consumers use Macintosh and Power Macintosh in new ways.

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