Tenon Announces Dramatic Price Reduction and New Features for 68K MachTen


With Dramatic Price Reduction and New Features

Santa Barbara, CA, June 14, 1996. Tenon Intersystems announced the latest release of MachTen for Macintosh, its highly regarded UNIX system for Apple computers. Professional MachTen, Release 2.3, includes new features and a dramatically lower price.

Professional MachTen is a full-featured BSD UNIX with a Carnegie-Mellon Mach kernel and is the only UNIX for 68K Macs. All MachTen applications run in a pre-emptive multitasking, protected environment. The new package includes the NCSA httpd daemon Web server with multi-domain extensions and the premier Macintosh text editor, BBEdit, with HTML extensions for creating Web pages. MachTen's built-in Web server is the fastest Web server for 68K-based Macintosh platforms, the only Web server that runs in a pre-emptive, protected environment, and the only Web server that supports true multihoming - allowing each organization, client, or classroom have its own top-level domain. Also included with MachTen are domain name service (DNS), POP3 mail service, and IP forwarding.

Professional MachTen contains a complete UNIX software development environment with C and C++, and includes Tenon's high-performance X server and complete X11R6 client development environment with a Motif toolkit. So, using MachTen, UNIX application vendors can easily port their applications to Macintosh platforms.

MachTen's printer and file sharing support lets organizations smoothly integrate heterogeneous computers and legacy systems with their Macintosh desktops. With MachTen, corporations can easily integrate Macs with their client-server UNIX environment. MachTen's high-performance NFS file sharing lets users mount AppleShare volumes on MachTen platforms and export those volumes using NFS.

MachTen is an enabling technology that is letting schools and small offices provide Internet and Intranet services with workstation-class strength on inexpensive Macintosh platforms. Professional MachTen is for 68K Macintosh platforms. A companion product - Power MachTen - runs on all Power Macs and Power Mac clones. Both products are available now on CD-ROM at a suggested retail price of U.S. $695.

Tenon has been shipping UNIX, X , and networking software for the Macintosh since 1991. In 1994 Professional MachTen was selected by UNIX World's Open Computing magazine as "A Best Product of the Year".

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