Tenon Licences Post.Office From Software.com

Leading E-Mail Server Software Now Available for Macintosh and Power Macintosh Users

Santa Barbara, CA, July 29, 1996. Tenon Intersystems, provider of award-winning software for Macintosh and Power Macintosh, today announced an agreement with Software.com, Inc., the leading provider of Internet/intranet standards-based messaging servers, to license the company's flagship server software, Post.Office. This agreement will provide all Macintosh and Power Macintosh platforms with Internet standards-based messaging services to ensure global, high-performance, industry-standard communications.

Post.Office is a native Internet messaging server that provides open Internet/intranet connections, allowing high-fidelity communications without requiring proprietary gateways. Designed to ease the administrative burden of maintaining an Internet mail server, Post.Office includes 'fill-in-the-blank' Web-based forms for remote management. System administrators can configure and monitor many Post.Office servers from a secure, remote site using any Web browser.

By leveraging their existing 'UNIX virtual machine' technology, Tenon has brought Post.Office to the entire Macintosh platform. Post.Office will be initially offered with Tenon's MachTen UNIX software and will also be incorporated into Tenon's upcoming line of Macintosh networking products, to be announced later this summer.

"This agreement with Software.com significantly enhances our intranet and internet product suite," said Steve Holmgren, President of Tenon Intersystems. "Post.Office, combined with Tenon's sophisticated execution environment, offers a reliable, secure, internet-based e-mail messaging solution for every Macintosh platform."

"For the first time, Macintosh and Power Macintosh users can enjoy the benefits of native Internet messaging services," said Dennis J. Cagan, Vice President of Sales at Software.com. "The combination of Tenon's products with Post.Office places Macintosh platforms squarely into the corporate intranet."

About MachTen

MachTen is a complete UNIX operating system that runs on every Macintosh and Power Macintosh. In 1991 it was selected as a "Best Connectivity Finalist" by MacUser, and in 1994 as "Best Product of the Year" by UNIX World's Open Computing Magazine. MachTen provides a complete set of Internet services as well as UNIX and X software development tools, all running in a preemptive multitasking environment alongside Macintosh applications. It is an enabling technology that provides Internet and Web services with workstation-class strength on inexpensive Macintosh platforms, thus making it ideal for workgroups and small enterprises. MachTen includes the Apache Web server with multi-domain extensions, and the premier Macintosh text editor, BBEdit, with HTML extensions for creating Web pages. MachTen also provides domain name service and IP forwarding. With the addition of Post.Office, MachTen now has enhanced SMTP mail and POP3 mail capabilities.

About Post.Office

Post.Office was designed from the ground up to provide a robust Internet messaging infrastructure that is scalable, reliable, secure and easy to administer. By utilizing Web browsers for unique remote management capabilities, Post.Office reduces and simplifies the administrative tasks associated with server-based messaging installations. Post.Office supports all Internet messaging standards natively, including SMTP, MIME and POP3. Post.Office currently runs on Microsoft Windows NT and server versions of UNIX. The product is in use at over 10,000 organizations worldwide, supporting millions of users.

About Software.com

Software.com, Inc., is an Internet infrastructure software company whose mission is to provide high-performance, scalable messaging solutions to Internet/intranet customers. The company has two flagship products - Post.Office and InterMail - which provide server-based native Internet messaging solutions to customers ranging from small businesses to large organizations with millions of users. Software.com customers include AT&T WorldNet (SM) Service, Frontier Technologies, GE Information Services, Netscape, Stratus Computer, and Banyan's Coordinate.com Internet division. The company is privately held and has locations in Santa Barbara, Calif., Lexington, Mass., Orlando, Fla., San Jose, Calif., Atlanta, Ga., Denver, Co., Brussels, Belgium and Windsor, UK. Software.com can be reached in the US at 805-882-2470 or

About Tenon Intersystems

Tenon has been producing sophisticated networking software for Apple platforms since 1989. Tenon provided the first multihoming TCP stack for Macintosh, the first Macintosh IP forwarding software, the first Macintosh caching and proxy Web server, and the fastest Macintosh X server. Now, with Post.Office, Tenon is continuing to add innovative technologies to extend the capabilities of Apple's state-of-the art personal computer platforms. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the US at 805-963-6983 or www.tenon.com.

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