Ultimate E-mail Server Now Available For Power Macs

Leading E-Mail Server Software Now Available for Power Macintosh

Santa Barbara, CA, March 2, 1998. Tenon Intersystems, provider of award-winning software, today announced an industrial-strength mail server for Power Macintosh. Tenon's new mail server, called NetTen, is based on Post.Office, a powerful email server, developed by Software.com, Inc. Software.com is the uncontested leader in email server software, having sold licenses for more than ten million email mailboxes worldwide.

Post.Office was designed with strong emphasis on security, scalability, and ease-of-use, setting the standard for email server solutions. Post.Office is in use at tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, supporting millions of users. By leveraging their existing "UNIX virtual machine" technology, Tenon, under a licensing agreement with Software.com, has brought Post.Office to MacOS in the form of a Macintosh application.

NetTen 1.1, Tenon's new mail server, includes Domain Name Service (DNS) and Post.Office, running in Tenon's sophisticated execution environment and taking advantage of Tenon's high-perforamance TCP stack and native fast file system. Running a mail server on Power Macs in Tenon's unique environment means that adminstrators no longer have to be concerned with Macintosh file system limitations. NetTen can support an unlimited number of multihomed mail accounts and services over 10,000 messages per minute.

NetTen supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and ESMTP (Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for multiple domains on a single host. It supports automatic reply and integrated 'finger', POP3, IMAP4 and MIME mail services. In addition, it provides robust, anti-spam features and web-based administration in a single package that is easy to install, configure and maintain.

SMTP is the internet mail protocol used to deliver mail between multi-user systems. ESMTP includes an important feature called ETRN, a remote wakeup feature that allows use over dial-up IP connections. ETRN enables a client to request that the server start the processing of its mail queue for messages that are waiting at the server for the client machine. Thus, when a user dials his ISP, he is able to trigger the sending of his waiting mail messages. POP has a similar role, but allows clients to receive mail through a POP session, rather than by using SMTP. POP was designed to identify the user by username and password, transfer the mail to a desktop computer and remove the mail from the server.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is similar to POP, but has many advanced features. IMAP allows the user to do sting searches thru the mail that resides on the server and to selectively decide which mail should be transferred. An advantage of IMAP is that it allows the mail to be stored on the server in server-resident folders. This enables users to read their email from different client machines at different times, giving globe-trotting, computer-hopping users more flexibility in reading and managing their mail.

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is an Internet standard for the format of messages with multiple parts and with non-ascii data. MIME-encoded messages can contain HTML, video and audio and client mail readers that support MIME can handle this diversity in a graceful way. IMAP4 even has features to allow retrival of parts of a MIME encoded message.

NetTen's spam control solves a major problem encountered by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate intranets - the unauthorized use of email services to send unsolicited bulk messages, or 'spam' mail. Using a variety of IP address and domain name restrictions, NetTen allows service providers to deny the use of their mail server as a relay host for unsolicited email and to block unsolicited email from entering their mail server, thereby eliminating unwanted spamming. Service providers can configure NetTen to recognize a sender's specific IP address or domain name, allowing them to refuse delivery of spam mesages before their server is burdened.

Designed to ease the administrative burden of maintaining an Internet mail server, NetTen includes 'fill-in-the-blank' Web-based forms for remote management. System administrators can configure and monitor multiple NetTen servers from a secure, remote site using any Web browser. By using fill-in-the-blank email or web-forms for managing user accounts and configuring the system, the administrator has access to the mail server from anywhere on the Internet. When a form is completed, the administrator simply submits it to the system using any popular Web browser, and NetTen automatically executes the changes. Users can also benefit from the ease of Web forms management to change certain aspects of their email account, such as vacation messages and directory information. This feature gives more control to the user and reduces the work of the administrator.

NetTen can be purchased immediately and is available directly from Tenon. The product comes on CD and can be downloaded for a two-day free trial from Tenon's web site: /products/netten. The product is priced at $495 for an unlimited number of mail accounts.

Tenon has been producing sophisticated networking software for Apple platforms since 1989. Tenon provided the first multihoming TCP stack for Macintosh, the first Macintosh IP forwarding software, the first Macintosh caching and proxy Web server, and the fastest Macintosh X server. Tenon is dedicated to making the Macintosh a world-class networking platform. In 1997, they introduced WebTen, an Apache Web server for Power Mac. NetTen is the second product offering in Tenon's suite of "Rhapsody-Ready" internet applications. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the US at 805-963-6983 or .

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