Tenon Extends the Power of WebTen with Morph Technologies' Web Application Engine Dynamorph

Santa Barbara, CA, June 8, 1998. Tenon Intersystems and Morph Technologies have formed a strategic partnership to extend WebTen, the fastest and most fully-featured Macintosh web server, with advanced web server development capabilities. Morph Technologies, working with Tenon, is building a WebTen Apache-native version of their sophisticated DynaMorph web development tool suite. The enhanced version of DynaMorph will become part of WebTen, running under MacOS and later on Rhapsody and MacOS X.

About WebTen

WebTen is an industrial-strength, high-performance Web server for Power Macs - a point & click Apache-based web server, with performance and features that, for the first time, put the Macintosh squarely on the Internet playing field. WebTen, based on the latest Apache 1.2.6 and sustaining over 900 hits/second, includes multihoming SSL 3.0, multihoming FTP, NFS, and DNS. With Tenon's Macintosh extensions to Apache, WebTen supports the widest selection of plug-ins and CGIs of any web server.

WebTen includes built-in multihoming with its own finely tuned TCP stack. WebTen supports both IP-based virtual hosting and header-based virtual hosting. Using IP-based virtual hosting in combination with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 for Web-based commerce, provides the ability to support hundreds of secure Web addresses on a single Macintosh.

WebTen supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for uploading Web content. In combination with virtual hosting, FTP supports the secure uploading of Web content to specific virtual host directories. A built-in NFS capability supports the offloading of Web content throughout the enterprise via industry-standard file sharing. In addition, state-of-the-art Domain Name Service (DNS) lets a WebTen Web server act as a primary or secondary domain name server.

About DynaMorph

DynaMorph enables website developers to employ the power of CGI programming directly inside of HTML documents without the need for advanced Perl or C++ programming skills. DynaMorph has database connectivity for all ODBC-compatible Mac databases. This partnership will bring the power of DynaMorph to the WebTen native environment.

DynaMorph's cross-platform web application engine enables web developers to create their work on a Macintosh, yet deliver the results to clients running web sites, intranets, and web-based applications on NT or UNIX platforms. A website or application built with DynaMorph can literally be moved from one computer to another, independent of the operating system, with no additional effort required.

DynaMorph's dynamic web graphics support enables designers of advanced web sites to build sites which automatically create images based on values present in a file, a database, or a form submission. This capability, combined with Morph's advanced caching techniques and powerful database interaction tools, enable cutting-edge web developers to build fully self-maintaining database driven web sites.

DynaMorph makes it easy to create and maintain web sites without an intimate knowledge of CGI programming. Sophisticated web-based applications, such as discussion forums, chat servers, on-line scholastic testing systems, interactive training, adaptive information publishing, product registration, and electronic commerce, can be developed using DynaMorph's powerful server-side scripting language.

About Tenon Intersystems

Tenon has been producing sophisticated networking software for Apple platforms since 1989. Tenon provided the first multihoming TCP stack for Macintosh, the first Macintosh IP forwarding software, the fastest Macintosh X server, and the first Macintosh caching and proxy Web server. Now, with WebTen, Tenon is continuing to add innovative technologies to extend the capabilities of Apple's state-of-the art personal computer platforms. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the US at 805-963-6983, by email at info@tenon.com, or via the Web at /.

About Morph Technologies

Morph Technologies, Inc., based in Vienna, VA, builds Wild World Webware (TM) for people building the World Wide Web. The company's products include DynaMorph, its flagship server-side scripting language, and Socrates, a web-site test tool available for free at the company's website. Morph Technologies can be reached in the US at 703-288-1688, by email at MorphInfo@morphtech.com, or via the Web at http://www.morphtech.com/.

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