Tenon Enhances CodeBuilder - UNIX Tools for Mac

Powerful Software Development Toolsuite Available for all Power Macs

Santa Barbara, CA, Nov. 13, 1998. Today, Tenon Intersystems began shipping an enhanced version of MachTen CodeBuilder, a cross-platform toolsuite for Power Mac. The new CodeBuilder 1.1 release includes updated UNIX and X software development tools, web development tools, a Java development environment, and enhanced performance. In contrast to other UNIX tools for Macintosh, CodeBuilder runs in conjunction with MacOS and MacOS applications and is supported on all Power Macs, including iMacs and G3 PowerBooks. This inexpensive package will give users a preview of the development capabilities that will soon be available with MacOS X Server.

MachTen CodeBuilder includes a native fast file system, an enhanced suite of UNIX software development tools based on the latest GNU (gcc 2.8.1) and the next-generation EGCS (egcs 1.1b) compilers, including a validated Ada95 compiler, C, Objective-C, C++, Fortran and Java (kaffe 1.0b1). A new compiler option lets data structures be aligned on PPC boundaries, resulting in significant performance enhancements. CodeBuilder's fast file system reduces compilations one third the time. Also included is a high-performance X11R6 development environment with an OpenGL option and over 100 X client applications, as well as a suite of popular internet scripting tools (Perl 5.005_01, tcl/tk, expect, bash, csh, and sh), popular editors (emacs, BBEdit Lite, Alpha), and hundreds of standard UNIX applications and utilities.

Tenon's Power MachTen is a powerful UNIX development platform that is being used by third party vendors to bring new solutions to the Macintosh. By licensing Tenon's UNIX libraries, developers have been able to bring sophisticated UNIX software to MacOS, even in advance of MacOS X Server or MacOS X. CodeBuilder is a cut-down version of Power MachTen that emphasizes software development.

BCodeBuilder's OpenGL support enables developers to build OpenGL X applications on the Macintosh. The CodeBuilder package is US$149 for corporations or individuals. The academic price is $99. Upgrades from older versions of CodeBuilder are $49.95. The OpenGL option is $199; academic, $149. Quantity discounts are available.

Tenon has been producing innovative UNIX, X, and networking software for Apple platforms since 1989. In 1991, Tenon's MachTen was a MacUser Editors Choice Finalist for "Best Connectivity Software". In 1994, MachTen was selected by UNIX World's Open Computing magazine as "A Best Product of the Year". In 1998, MachTen became the basis of Apple's "G3 UNIX Workstation".

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