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MachTen CodeBuilder

CodeBuilder is a powerful and unique Macintosh software development tool for porting existing applications or developing new, advanced applications on Power Macs and Power Mac clones. CodeBuilder is an economical choice for users who want the power of a complete UNIX developmental platform on their Macintosh, but do not need the networking functionality provided by MachTen.

CodeBuilder is a Power Macintosh application that includes a complete suite of C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Ada, and Fortran development tools. CodeBuilder can be used in combination with standard Macintosh editors and compilers to develop Macintosh applications, X applications, and UNIX applications.

CodeBuilder gives developers the ability to create an application with a single source base not only for Power Macs under a native Apple operating system, but also for Silicon Graphics, SUN, NeXT, or HP environments. CodeBuilder gives Apple developers the freedom to take advantage of time-tested UNIX development tools and to explore Objective-C and Ada, without giving up the features of their favorite Macintosh editors and compilers. Because CodeBuilder uses standard Macintosh binary formats, you can use Macintosh debuggers and even combine Macintosh compiler output with CodeBuilder's UNIX compiler output. CodeBuilder is a new standard in PowerPC software development.

CodeBuilder has been selected by Apple as a key development tool and has been included in Apple's Developer Connection Student Program.

MachTen CodeBuilder 1.1 - No Longer Available!


What people are saying about MachTen and CodeBuilder

"The compiler seems to be as fast or faster than GNAT on the Sun SPARCstation 4 here at my office. I'm pleased with the product in just a few hours of use."

"What a winning system!"

"CodeBuilder is a great product! This is just what I wanted. Just the build tools and UNIX shell. Perfect. I've already removed MkLinux from my system."

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Online References

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