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Power MachTen 4.1.1 Power MachTen, accelerated for Power PC (PPC), is the only UNIX available for every Power Macintosh. MachTen is based on BSD 4.4 and conforms to the Federal Information Processing Standard 151-2 (the POSIX FIPS). The package provides pre-emptive multitasking for UNIX applications and includes a full featured high-performance TCP/IP protocol stack that supports multi-link, multi-homing and multi-casting, features not yet available even with Apple's new Open Transport.

The native PowerPC (PPC) package contains a complete UNIX software development environment with a source-level debugger and C, C++, and Fortran compilers all generating native PPC code. Also included is a high-performance X server and complete X11R6 X client development environment with a Motif toolkit.

A powerful feature for software developers is Power MachTen's ability to create binary PowerPC Executable Format (PEF) files that can integrate directly with other Macintosh development tools. UNIX software development tools, therefore, can be used in conjunction with Macintosh development tools to build hybrid applications -- UNIX applications with Macintosh interfaces. This flexible and creative interaction between the systems can greatly expand the scope of software development.

MachTen is an enabling technology that is letting schools and small offices provide Internet and Web services with workstation-class strength on inexpensive Macintosh platforms. MachTen Power UNIX includes the Apache httpd daemon Web server with multi-domain extensions; thus a single Macintosh can be a Web server for a multiplicity of domains, e.g., www.companyA.com, www.companyB.com, etc. Also included are domain name service (DNS), POP mail service, and IP forwarding.

MachTen is also a vehicle for UNIX applications vendors to easily port their applications to Macintosh platforms. In addition, MachTen enables corporations to easily integrate Macs with their client-server UNIX environment. MachTen's high-performance NFS file sharing lets users mount Apple Share volumes on MachTen platforms and export those volumes using NFS.

In Power MachTen, an impressive reduction in system memory requirements, as well as the disk footprint, has been achieved through the process of dynamic linkage to shared libraries. When an application is executed, the system assesses whether or not the runtime library required has been already loaded into memory by a previous application. If this is the case, then access to the library will be achieved through a dynamic linkage process. The fact that each software component is loaded into memory only once achieves a substantial memory reduction of 50% for the full-function MachTen footprint. Furthermore, when the last client of a shared library has completed processing, the library allocation is withdrawn and the memory reclaimed. Memory mapped file access offers improved system efficiency by deferring the allocation of application instruction memory until reference to a specific page of instruction is made. This feature offers a significant benefit when only small components of large libraries are being used.

Also included is a high-performance X Window display server that conforms to X11, Release 6, of MIT's X Window System and an X11 client application development environment based on MIT's X Window System X11, Release 6. Tenon's X client software enables the development of X applications under MachTen on the Macintosh. Included in the package are X programming libraries (e.g. Xlib, Xt, Xau, Xext, Xi and phigs), Athena widgets and utilities (e.g. Xaw, Xmu and Xdmcp), Motif (version 1.1.4) programming libraries (Xm, Mrm, UIL) and demonstration source (mre, widgetview, xmeditor, xrn), an xview programming environment (xview, olgx), and configuration files (the imake configuration system). Also included are complete sources for the MIT X client and demonstration applications. MachTen's internet connectivity lets you use X to access X applications anywhere in your client/server environment. Tenon's MachTen X Server software includes mwm, the Motif Window Manager and olvwm, the Open Look Virtual Window Manager. Our X server supports monochrome, 8, 16, and 24-bit color, X lib extensions for device-independent color, an X Display Manager to simplify management of X applications, bitmap fonts in portable compiled font format, outline fonts (including Speedo outline fonts) and an executable font server.

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