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MachTen 4.1.1 New Reduced Price

Power MachTen 4.1.1 -- Now faster, easier, more compatible, and less expensive.

Now ONLY $249 (was $495)


An enhanced version of Tenon's award-winning UNIX for Power Macs is now available. The new Power MachTen 4.1.1 release has improved performance & robustness, improved software development tools, and hundreds of updated applications.

Give your Mac a taste of Mach/BSD UNIX in advance of MacOS X Server. Create applications with the MachTen toolsuite that will run on MacOS X Server with a simple recompile. Prepare your older Macs for a smooth integration with Apple's next-generation OS. In contrast to MacOS X Server, Power MachTen runs on all Power Macs, from the newest sexiest iMac or G3 PowerBook to the earliest 6100s and 7100s, and Mac clones.

Power MachTen is a complete Mach/BSD UNIX that runs with MacOS, including MacOS 8.5. MachTen includes an advanced UNIX and X software development environment. It includes C, C++, Objective-C, Ada95, Java, and Fortran77. The software development tools in MachTen are based on the latest GNU 2.8.1 compiler. The next-generation GNU compiler, EGCS, has been included as an alternative development environment. And CVS (the upcoming MacOS X Server source control system) is also included, so you can turn you Mac into a CVS server if you like.

In addition to the hundreds of standard UNIX applications, such as emacs, Perl, tcl/tk, Power MachTen also includes a high-performance X desktop that supports lestif and the powerful 3-D OpenGL libraries. OpenGL is a separately priced option that lets you develop OpenGL applications as well as supporting the display of remote OpenGL X apps. (See the Tenon web site for OpenGL pricing.)

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