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What Our iTools Customers are Saying:

"Your product iTools 9.0.5 has been reviewed by our editors and your program got Editor's Pick Award. See: http://itools.mac.informer.com"

Mac Informer, July 2012

"I have been using iTools for several years now. I really like it. It is vastly superior to the WebSTAR which I previously used."

Professor, Manitoba, Canada, May 2011

"Tenon has provided perfect customer support for a perfect product for us for nearly 10 years and I would like to to thank you all for the great service. All my customers have appreciated the great hosting environment that you helped to provide."

Internet Hosting Provider, New Hampshire, March 2011

"I want you to know how much I appreciate...your help. [This] is what makes me a loyal customer. It is THE reason why I don't look at other server solutions. iTools is rock stable, and you are always ready to help, so I feel safe. :-)"

Photography Studio Owner, Denmark, April 2010

"iTools....saved me a lot of time setting up SSL in Apache."

Developer, Minnesota, February 2010

"iTools has been running rock solid on our server."

Internet hosting provider, Michigan, February 2010

"We started with OS X Server and quickly dumped it in favor of Tenon's iTools, which is a great interface and provides all the tools you need... And Tenon gives great pre-sales support in setting it up."

Web hosting provider, Michigan, December 2009

"iTools 9 ..has a very nice browser based administration, and it offers a fairly wide array of services. iTools offers complete Apache configuration management..through a web-based control panel. ..Tenon will move WebSTAR customers on either Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X to iTools. [They] gave me great phone tech support and could even see my machine remotely...I have almost all my domains converted and have been quite pleased with the new environment and tools."

Web hosting provider, Massachusetts, December 2009

"We made the mistake a few years ago of thinking we needed an Xserve. iTools uses their own versions of everything that you would get on a Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server. So basically it's overkill, since you're probably going to use all the tools from Tenon. Our Xserve developed some strange behavior so we just decided to use a Mac mini. It's performed flawlessly."

On iTools list from a long-term iTools customer, October 2009

"I've been using iTools for over a year now, and it works well."

Computer Science professor, Canada, October 2009

"A while back I got a new Xserve and decided to try Apple's built in Apache web services. The only reason we host a server is so we can use Lasso and our in-house MySQL databases. I thought I liked the concept of using built-in software without any add-ons. Since that time I learned how much I appreciated iTools' bug-free web administration interface. It made things simple, but yet respected the fact that not every possible need can be GUI-ed away. (Direct httpd.conf editing via the browser was so helpful!) With OS X Server I have basically given up on their administration app. Apple doesn't care about web services like you guys do. The next time I do a server upgrade, I'm coming back to iTools."

WebServer Admin, Florida, November 2008

"I can't say enough about how happy I am to have moved to OS X and iTools. I have only one regret, that I didn't buy iTools earlier instead of waiting and losing so much time. Now when I wake up in the morning, I am sure my website is working. In the past, with WebSTAR and OS 9, I was never sure to find my system running."

Journalist, Belgium, October 2008

"I have installed iTools 9, MySQL and Lasso 8.5 exactly as you suggested. I have not had such excellent support for my previous combo, including WebSTAR and Witango for ages."

Webmaster, Sweden, August 2008

"iTools is a much faster server than our WebSTAR server was and it is a very nice management interface. I really like the fact that everything is contained in the Tenon directory."

Professor, Wisconsin, February 2008

"I must tell you that Tenon's tech support is the best technical support I have ever experienced. We will purchase and install seven or eight more iTools to replace WebSTAR."

Engineering Manager, Arizona, February 2008

"I used to use the WebSTAR suite (web, mail, ftp) for my hosting business and have since switched over to iTools for web and ftp and Kerio for mail. This has been a good mix for me."

Webmaster, Washington, April 2007

"Don't waste your time with a new Web*V installation -- the product is dead! If you have the chance to set up something new, then use Tenon's iTools to administer Apache -- this product works and the support is great."

On WebSTAR list, March 2007

"Apache is fun and I highly recommend Tenon's iTools. The support is fantastic and quick."

WebSTAR convert, February, 2007

"The time came that I had to make a decision to move away from WebSTAR. I moved my web services over to iTools. Although it is more complicated to use, I did find a lot of useful features, and after using iTools for a few weeks I am as comfortable with it as I was with WebSTAR."

Future of WebSTAR dialog on WebSTAR list, January, 2007

"iTools is working perfectly. Thanks for the quick response to my questions."

WebSTAR convert to iTools in an email to Tech Support, May 2006

"[iTools 8] is working fantastic. It's the fastest alll around. I'm very pleased with my iTools purchase. My sites are running very well and I LOVE the reports from awstats. Now I've moved beyond parity with my old server and I'm actually starting to use the new features provided with iTools."

Web Service Provider, California, June 2005

"I've been using iTools 8 since it was available. It seems to be working fine and it has some cool new features. It was smooth sailing all the way!"

Web Designer & iTools 8 Beta, California, June 2005

"I'm definitely enjoying this platform . . .[iTools] saved me countless hours of configuration over my generic Linux servers."

New Mac OS X Webmaster, San Francisco, June 2005

"iTools seems like a great way to simplify security, maintenance, and monitoring of my servers."

Hosting entrepreneur, California, June 2005

"I don't know what we'd do without iTools, probably hire another tech, as that's what I'd need."

Hosting provider, Illinois, June 2005

"Every minute I spend goofing around with the servers is a minute I'm not applying to design and development...this is where the value is placed on iTools...to keep me out of having to use [secure shell] for normal day-to-day matters."

Web Design Firm President, New York, May 2005

"As a non-Mac user, [with iTools] I was able to do admin tasks on this Mac OS X machine, which is across town, with absolute ease ...truly cross medium!"

Webmaster, Sweden, April 2005

"[Apple's] product does not meet the needs of most admins and hosting companies. Whereas iTools is virtually the only choice as I see it for Mac. You guys are filling in that gap perfectly. ....Keep up the good work!"

Web hosting provider, Australia, April, 2005

"Great service from Tenon as per usual."

Web Service Provider, Australia, March 2005

"I love the Apache control and the interface; top notch!"

Hosting Company Principal, California, January 2005

"iTools all the way!"

Webmaster, Michigan, December 2004

"We consolidated two WebSTAR based XServes into one iTools 7.3 XServe [and] it's been running quite well."

Network Administrator, Virginia, June 2004

"Thanks again for the TERRIFIC software!"

Webmaster, Connecticut, May 2004

"iTools 7.3 seems to have really hit the sweet spot for just about everyone."

CEO, Australia, April 2004

"I don't know what y'all did to make iTools 7.3, but you did good!"

Web Service Provider, New Jersey, April 2004

"I've been using iTools since OS X Server 1.2. It has allowed me to do my job with ease. Support is some of the best I've ever used (this is the real reason to own this product)."

Posted on MacCentral, March 2004

"Wow, iTools 7.3 rocks! The admin is really fast now..."

Webmaster, Texas, March 2004

"It has been a pleasure using iTools. I couldn't have done many of the things I have done over the past four years without it. The kindness of your staff has been a real comfort when I've needed it."

Web designer, Maryland, February 2004

"I don't think there is any other package on the market that is as specialized as iTools for hosting. ...iTools is the best all around self-contained package available to date."

Webmaster, Georgia, January 2004

"iTools 7 is the only way to go. We have used other systems and they were all lacking when it came to OS X. This product fills that void. Time is money for a lot of us. Not all of my people are admins, so they need support. Tenon has been at the top with support."

On VersionTracker, April 2003

"I'm excited to see iTools 7 has been released. Thank you for the great products, our company relies on them everyday."

Webmaster, Maine, April 2003

"Congratulations on a great product. iTools 7 puts the fun back in web serving."

Webmaster (returning to the fold), California, April 2003

"Just installed iTools 7 on my Titanium laptop....HOLY SH!T this is bad ass!"

Webmaster, Georgia, April 2003

"We're running iTools on Mac OS X Server 10.2.2 and it has been solid for the last 37 days serving 150,000 hits per day."

On Webmasters using MacOS X Bulletin Board, March 2003

"iTools is a wonderful product! I'm sure it has made many peoples lives much easier because it certainly has for me."

Webmaster, South Africa, January 2003

"Let me start by saying how simple iTools has made it for me. I have paid so much money to programmers who have helped me set up webservers in the past. When Apple came out with their Xserve I decided to take a chance and attempt to do things myself. when I realized it was not quite as simple as Plug-and-Play I was a bit disappointed, until I found Tenon's iTools."

Web Designer Florida, November 2002

"You folks are "the bee's knees" (translation - "You Rock"). This is why I have stayed with your software for almost 7 years now."

President, Web Hosting Company. September 2002

"Man..we can't move sites and services fast enough off of WebSTAR and OS 9. I've got one really busy site (think CNN "pundit"). We moved his site from WebSTAR to OS X apache/php and it causes so little trouble that I sometimes forget it's there. It hasn't been rebooted, restarted, or touched in months and it just chugs along serving more than 15,000,000 hits a month to more than 20,000 visitors a day. Gotta love it."

Happy iTools Customer on the WebSTAR Talk List. July 2002

"I own my own company so I don't have time for complicated web administration. I was researching different tools for web hosting and email, but none of the programs out there offered for OS X come close to the combination of the Aqua GUI and features of iTools. This is what I need to get the job done. Keep up the good work!"

Company Owner, San Diego, CA. June 2002

"I'm ordering iTools today...[thank you for] consistantly delivering superior products!"

Sr. Mac Sys. Engineer [customer since '95] - Maryland. August

"iTools is a wonderful product!"

Webmaster, California, December 2001

"We literally erased Mac OS X Server 10.1 in order to switch to your product. We're counting on iTools to do everything we'd hoped Server would do but was unable to."

IT Manager, Delaware. September 2001

"Over a year period we have taken our company from a sketch on one page to a full blown .com... In the process of doing this, one quickly learns ... what companies are capable, backing up their claims and having knowledgeable people to assist with questions or problems... Every contact with Tenon has been direct, thorough, professional, and accurate...Your company has been a refreshing spike on our own learning curve..."

President, eatwhatwhere.com. September 2001

"I have been impressed from the beginning with Tenon's technical ingenuity and development. I really believed that iTools would probably be unnecessary with the new GUI interface from Apple, but as far as I am concerned it is not [only] necessary, it is mandatory...They are always the best to deal with around and their product is aces."

Webmaster - California. August 2001

"Just reporting that WebCatalog 4.0.2rc2, your new iTools 6.1 (KILLER!!!) and 10.1 work perfectly together."

eCommerce Business Owner, Switzerland. August 2001

"iTools is a god-send. So damn easy, so damn fast!"

Webmaster, Gernoble, France. June, 2001

"Nothing competes with iTools!"

Systems Engineer - Maryland. June 2001

"I have found iTools to be a very valuable and time saving tool."

Webmaster - Sydney, Australia. June 2001

"The Tenon people are amazing. Call their 800 number and they walk you through what you need to do. Have not had a problem YET that wasn't solved by the tech support at Tenon"

Creative Director - New York City, April 2001

"iTools has to be one of the most valuable server utilities I have yet to work with. It streamlines productive tasks. Moving to a machine without iTools sends shudders down my spine"

System Admin - St. Francis Xavier Univ. March 2001

"Since setting up my server over a year ago it has run...flawlessly with OS X S[erver] and iTools 5."

Webmaster - Los Angeles. March 2001

"iTools ... is a dream come true for me."

Webmaster, Montana. March 2001

"Since setting up my server over a year ago it has run ... flawlessly with OS X ... and iTools."

Webmaster, Los Angeles. March 2001

"I've been very happy with iTools from Tenon and absolutely thrilled with their support"

on the Apache/MySQL/PHP list November 2000

"With the addition of Tenon's excellent iTools, OS X can do virtually anything one needs it to as a Web Server"

on Mac OS Rumors September 9, 2000

"[iTools is a] very convenient solution... They have everything nicely packaged so it worked like a charm"

Webmaster,Sweden June 2000

"iTools allows for very easy configuration of the Apache webserver software to serve multiple domains off of one server"

Webmaster, Michigan June 2000

"Check out iTools from Tenon. Once you use their excellent support the first time, it'll be worth the $500"

University Manager of Information Systems, North Carolina May 2000

"iTools is great for those who don't have the knowledge or time to do server administration. I am an experienced C/Unix developer...however, I can't afford to spend weeks or months overcoming learning curves on scores of complex config files. iTools has saved me time and the $500 is a lot less than the cost of my time on the alternative... iTools has allowed my one-man operation to have virtual web and ftp hosting, DNS server etc operational within a week. [And] if I ever get around to more complex administration, iTools promises to allow this"

Webmaster,Victoria Australia May 2000

"iTools is a fantastic addition to this platform -- Apple should really encourage its adoption through you guys!"

Webmaster,London March 2000

"After messing about with the Apache configuration files and getting very frustrated, iTools was an absolute godsend for us"

Webmaster,Ireland January 2000

"...iTools is by far the best Apache admin I've ever seen."

Webmaster, Ohio, December 1999

"Six months ago when we purchased our first copy of iTools, we were expecting the same great performance we attained with WebTen. This would have been fine in our book. The results...astounded us.... iTools was easily 15 times faster than our fastest web server"

Webmaster,Ohio December 1999

"I did not know how powerful a tool I had until I installed iTools. In less than a week, I've gone from a static web site powered by WebSTAR to a full blown Apache webserver handling my DNS and mail, and giving me the tools I need to create a truly dynamic web site"

Chief Concept Engineer, Michigan December 1999

"With WebCatalog andiTools, we create dynamic database-driven web sites that really scream! The combination of iTools, WebCatalog, and Mac OS X gives us truly enterprise-level horsepower and rock solid reliabilty"

eCommerce Entrepreneur, Ohio December 1999

"I'd like to congratulate you on this super product! Easy to use, very stable, and fully functional. Keep up the good work!"

Webmaster,UK November 1999

"I bought iTools from Tenon. I took a look at the tools they support, and how many hours it would take me to track down, compile, test, install and maintain [this tool suite], and buying the package became a no-brainer. Now I let them worry about keeping the tools up and I can focus on content"

Webmaster on Mac OS X Server list. November 1999

"Congratulations on your excellent product. I think iTools is very important and an essential component for OS X Server -- easy to install, configure, and maintain. The new suite is all a webmaster needs"

Webmaster Brazil October 1999

"Your incredible iTools product is the only reason I am able to make any sense out of Internet services on Mac OS X Server. I am not a UNIX guy.I know nothing about Apache or BIND or SSL or DNS, Virtual Hosts, or whatever. iTools is the only reason we did not contract out our store to a specialty ISP house for online shopping. Mac OS X is ... a real workhorse ... Our entire store is running on iTools under Mac OS X ... right here in my office.I really appreciate the hard work at Tenon that made it all possible!"

GraphicsArts Director, Washington October 1999

"Your incredible iTools product is the only reason I am able to make any sense out of Internet services on Mac OS X Server"

Graphics Art Director, Washington October 1999

"The support for server-side Java in iTools is a pleasure to use. It's just a single mouse-click to install, and it lets me focus on my Java code, rather than configuration issues. It's so nice to have software that works right out-of-the-box.iTools rocks!"

WebConsultant, California October 1999

"I couldn't be happier with the ftpd that comes with iTools -- very easy to use and chrooted to the nines!"

WebDeveloper, Montana October 1999

"I enjoyed setting up and testing Mac OS X Server, especially with the iTools package. The iTools application is awesome. I have some UNIX experience, but it's been a pleasure to use iTools. All the additional featueres make it an easy choice"

Web developer & consultant, Missouri October 1999

"Tenon has done a great job with their interface. It covers a LOT of the functionality you would otherwise have to manually edit configuration files to change...The very nature of Apache means that Tenon may never be able to design a web interface that covers everything. There are just so many variables and deep configurations to Apache and Squid that eventually, even with the best web interface, you'll need to edit some text files. That's actually a good thing, because it means that the good folks at Tenon haven't locked you into their interface as the only way to configure iTools"

Technical Consultant, Texas October 1999

"Mac OS X Server running iTools is the best way to serve a website. With that combination, you get the benefits of a UNIX server -- automatic ability to run multiple copies of server software to accomodate many more incoming connections than Mac OS or Windows NT, no compiling hassles, and, most important, prompt tech support when things go wrong!"

WebConsultant & Apple Solutions Expert, Connecticut October 1999

"Our Mac OS X Server/iTools/WebCatalog site is online as of today! Boy is it fast... Thanks for a great product"

eCommerce Entrepreneur, Switzerland October 1999

"I have tried out iTools and love it. The webserver is stable and I love the configuration tools"

Ph.D. researcher, Colorado June, 1999

"Looks like it will be a killer server! I can't wait for the final release of iTools"

Internet Service Provider, New Mexico June, 1999

"iTools on a 400Mhz blue and white is lightening fast. I couldn't believe the speed at first!"

Webmaster, Norway May, 1999

"It installed without a hitch"

K-12 Technology Coordinator, California May 1999

"It's a jewel piece of code!!"

Webmaster, France May 1999

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