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Speedy, easy to use, web interface

Default Login Screen for Tenon's
WEBmail for iTools 6.

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[ Industrial Revolution ]
WAP support (optional)
POP3/IMAP4 mailboxes
Multiple mailbox support
Modifiable layout (look and feel)
Multiple domains from single application install
Extensible addressbooks
Multiple SMTP hosts for failover support
NFS support for scalable data storage
Easy multi-lingual translations
Message Filters
User-selectable themes
All-new Web Calendar (free with purchase)
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About WEBmail

WEBmail from Tenon is a comprehensive and feature-rich web-based e-mail program created by EMUmail, Inc. WEBmail allows users to check their POP or IMAP mailboxes remotely using a Web browser. This has distinct advantages to laptop users and those who use multiple computers at different locations. WEBmail is also a complete multihoming mail server based on sendmail.

About Web Calendar

The Web Calendar, delivered by Tenon, and created by EMUMail, Inc, provides the same ease of use, accessibility, and security as WEBmail. Tenon's Web Calendar provides a simple and easy way to keep track of events and appointments with your web browser from anywhere in the world. Combined with WEBmail, you can easily and effectively share your events with other Webmail users, and much more.

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Key Features
  • Fast, easy to use, web-based interface
  • Customizable with your own logo, images, fonts, and colors
  • Seamless integration with WEBmail
  • Event reminders via email
  • Send event invitations to any email address
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly views of your schedule and calendar
  • Much More!

How do I get it?

iTools 6 comes with a version of WEBmail that has an unlimited user capacity and can be used free of charge. This "free" version has advertising included and includes the Tenon logo. Please see the pricing information below for advertising-free and fully-customizable versions. Also, recieve the Web Calendar add-on FREE with the purchase of a WEBmail license!

Pricing Information

FREE Web Calendar add-on with the purchase of WEBmail 5.1 Small-Business, Corporate, or Service Provider! (Offer ends September 15th.)

WEBmail 5.1 Small-Business - $500

WEBmail Small-Business supports up to 100 mailboxes and the interface can be customized to create a look and feel unique to up to five virtual hosts.

WEBmail 5.1 Corporate - $1500 -> $750

WEBmail Corporate supports up to 2500 mailboxes and the interface can be customized to create a look and feel unique to each of your virtual hosts.

WEBmail 5.1 Service Provider - $3000 -> $1500

WEBmail Service Provider supports an unlimited number of mailboxes and the interface can also be customized to create a look and feel unique to each of your virtual hosts.

*** For both WEBmail Corporate and Service Provider, these are one time only fees. You can configure as many WEBmail interfaces as you like on one machine. If your machine has 100 virtual hosts, you can make 100 WEBmail configurations at no added cost.

Also, all three versions are free of Banner Ads, and include the Web Calendar add-on.

Documentation and Ordering

Order WEBmail from Tenon

Click the above link to go to our online orderform. The section for WEBmail 5.1 is located near the bottom of the form.

EMUmail Installation and Customization Instructions

If you'd like more instruction on how to customize your WEBmail installation, please refer to this PDF document from EMUmail.

EMUmail Manual

PDF file of the WEBmail manual.

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