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Appendix D

Guide to Using W*API Plug-Ins and AppleScript CGIs


This information is for end users and developers of W*API plug-ins/CGIs and others familiar with WebSTAR. Use it as guide for resolving differences in the serving of your Web content under Web Ten vs. WebSTAR and as a starting point for reporting Web Ten incompatibilities with your plug-in's/CGI's operation.


Web Ten Ignores File Creator and Type

Web Ten ignores the Macintosh file creator and type of the requested document when determining a handler for a URL. The Web Ten suffix mapping table has no entries for Macintosh creator/type.


W*API Global Parameter Modification

Plug-in/ACGI W*API requests to change global server parameters are reflected in the active (in memory) Web Ten database, but are not changed in the permanent Web Ten database. Permanent changes to Web Ten settings are made using the Web Ten Administration Server.


AppleScript Changes

AppleScripts containing the directive

tell application "WebSTAR"

must be changed to

tell application "WebTen"

for proper operation under Web Ten .


Plug-In and Server Administration URL

Web Ten registers the " .admin " URL suffix for administration of plug-ins and the main server. Accessing the local URL " /pi_admin.admin " will invoke the Web Ten plug-in administrator with links to individual plug-in administration URLs and the Web Ten Administration Server.


WebSTAR Plug-Ins from StarNINE

Ironically, the plug-ins delivered with WebSTAR 2.X from StarNINE do not conform to the W*API specification. Functionality of these plug-ins cannot be assured under Web Ten ; however, copying the WebSTAR Settings file to the Web Ten server root folder may provide limited capability of WebSTAR plug-ins under Web Ten .


Apple Event Handlers

Plug-ins that attempt to install Apple Event handlers will not operate properly under Web Ten . Plug-ins should use the W*API Interprocess Communication Callbacks for sending Apple Events and receiving Apple Event replies.


Plug-In/CGI Virtual Host Operation

Plug-ins/CGIs that run correctly when called from the default Web Ten server but fail when called from a Web Ten virtual host may be making incorrect assumptions about an underlying WebSTAR run-time environment. Some tips for developers on taking advantage of the W*API in a Web Ten environment can be found at http://www.tenon.com/products/webten/pluginvhost.html .


The piServerField Parameter

Plug-in developers can determine if their plug-in is running under Web Ten by searching for "WebTen" in the text string returned by the piServerField parameter.

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