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Appendix F

Web Ten Apache Directives


Web Ten adds some new directives to the core Apache modules and expands the functionality of some existing directives found in the httpd.conf file.



Web Ten uses the configurable logger module, " mod_log_config ", allowing customization of the Transfer Log file format. The default format is a string containing: <date> <time> <result> <remote hostname> <URL> <bytes sent> . This corresponds to the directive:

LogFormat "%W %d %w %h %>U %b"

where the letters following the percent sign mean:


Enable WebSTAR format: Tab separated record entries. Use of colon (":") instead of slash ("/") in URLs. Use of "0" instead of "-" to indicate no bytes sent.


Date time


WebSTAR result string, one of: OK , ERR! , or PRIV


Remote host


Colon separated URL, after any internal redirection of the original URL


Bytes sent


AcceleratorCache <on/off>

This directive controls the operation of the Squid Accelerator Cache.


CacheTransferLog <path-to-log-file>

When the Squid Accelerator Cache is active and logging, this directive denotes the ServerRoot relative path to the accelerator log file as requested by plug-ins/CGIs via the W*API.

LogRotation <log file count>

This directive controls the number of backup transfer logs maintained by the server during log rolling operations.


AuthDBMFormatNCSA <on/off>

Web Ten uses the " mod_auth_dbm " module, providing user authentication using DBM files. Web Ten accepts two formats for the DBM group file -- the Apache format (user name key , list of groups to which the user belongs value ), and the NCSA format (group key , list of users contained in the group value ) as controlled by the AuthDBMFormatNCSA directive. The Web Ten Administration Server maintains the default Web Ten group file in NCSA format.


mod_wsapi Directives

The Web Ten W*API module adds a number of custom directives used to control plug-in/Apple CGI operation under Web Ten .

Please see the Apache online documentation on your Web Ten server at /webten_docs/Apache/manual/mod/mod_wsapi.html for more information.

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