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What the Press has to say about WebTen

Macworld recommends that Mac users

"stick with WebTen for serving".

In comparing WebTen with Apple's in-place Apache in OS X Server, Macworld said:

"...OS X Server's Apache is a decidedly slower Web server than WebTen running under Mac OS. With ten or fewer users, the two performed comparably, but under heavier loads, WebTen served up to 40 percent more requests per second."


...WebTen trounces the competition-and holds its own against Windows NT, helping dispel rumors that the Mac isn't a viable Web-Serving platform. This industrial-strength server software combines compatibilitiy with scripts designed for Unix servers and support for the wide variety of WebStar plug-ins."


"WebTen utterly humbled its Mac-based competitors andheld its own against the NT server."

"WebTen" is the extensibilty champ. Besides supporting WebStar-format plug-ins, it also supports Apache modules and the perl scripting language."

Mac Week: (circa 1998. Article no longer available online)

"WebTen 2.0.3 trounced WebStar 3.0, even with a relatively small client load. At its peak, WebTen was able to handle roughly five times WebStar's maximum request load."

"For a rich freature set and high performance, WebTen has the clear advantage. Because its underlying server software originates on UNIX, Webten benefits from seasoned technology. Its unprecedented performance for a Mac-based server and industrial-strength features make it the choice for high-speed, high-volume serving."

PC Magazine:

"...WebTen turned out the best numbers we've ever seen for a Mac Web server. Its performance... was better than Apache under Linux and Solaris..."

"Tenon has wrapped Apache in a UNIX virtual machine so the server runs on the Macintosh. Anyone who has been fustrated setting up Apache on a Unix box will appreciate WebTen, and even Mac users will feel right at home."

Internet Computing: (Article no longer available online)

"...The winner on the Macintosh platform is WebTen. The company calls it 'civilizied Apache.' We call it a power performer and it finally proves to the world that a Mac server can rock and roll on the Web."

WebTen earns Cool Tool Status

Read about the genesis of Apache in Fast Company

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