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***WebCatalog 4.0.1 Now available. This update enhances many features of Webcatalog. A complete list is included at the bottom of this page, or you can jump to it now.

About WebCatalog

WebCatalog is a complete solution for online commerce and dynamic web publishing. It has all the power and features of products that cost five times as much and is easier to use. WebCatalog allows users to design and operate an online storefront with all the features found in the leading sites, from displaying the product to closing the sale. WebCatalog can also automate the payment authorization(including credit card), order notification and electronic product delivery process.


"WebCatalog Enables Quick Site Setup" -- This is a review of WebCatalog 4.0 written by Mike Heck for InfoWorld Test Center (July 7, 2000). WebCatalog 4.0 recieved a rating of Very Good which is attributed to its predesigned page layouts, internal database plus standard SQL, Unlimited Web stores with one license, integrated order management, and Automatic site indexing.


Quick and easy installation - Like WebTen and iTools, WebCatalog has a web-based administation interface. By adding products to the included General Store site, your first storefront can be prototyped and available on the web in minutes.

Support Multiple Storefronts - Create multiple storefronts and multiple databases with a single license. WebCatalog's licensing allows users to create as many storefronts as they desire at no additional cost. Multiple databases allow users to serve unlimited storefronts, perform complex shipping and tax calculations using related databases. This is an ideal solution for small and large companies and commerce-oriented internet service providers.

Unique Electronic Shopping Carts - WebCatalog tracks each visitor to your site with a unique ID. It knows the pages they visited and the items they selected for purchase. The shopping cart is then processed when the visitor decides to purchase.

Secure Product Prices - WebCatalog stores pricing information in secure databases and retrieves it before creation of the final invoice.

Custom Shipping/Invoicing - WebCatalog is highly configurable to your shipping, sales tax, and other invoicing needs. After invoice creation, the results can be e-mailed for personal handling or let WebCatalog handle credit card verification and electronic delivery for you.

Fast Internal Database - Users can run their entire business with the included high-speed database. With WebCatalog there is no need to purchase additional software.

ODBC & SQL Support - External systems (i.e. accounting) can be integrated through WebCatalog's support of ODBC and SQL. Virtually all existing legacy database systems talk SQL.

E-mail Integration - Like all pages and forms in WebCatalog, e-mail messages can be configured to your needs.

Credit Card Verification - Using your existing merchant account with a network certified application like MacAuthorize or ICVerify, WebCatalog can charge an order to a credit card. WebCatalog can initiate First Virtual charges, and other payment methods, such as CyberCash, can be easily included.

Order Notification/ Processing - WebCatalog can send custom e-mail to as many addresses as you like with any ordering information that you want, based on the approval or decline of an order. WebCatalog includes a complete set of web based administration templates for reviewing all your orders. In addition to viewing the order information through a secure SSL server, WebCatalog allows you to credit charges back to the customer when product is returned.

Immediate Electronic Delivery - If you are selling electronic goods, like graphic images or software, WebCatalog can automatically deliver your products via a custom Web page after payment has been verified. Delivery takes place by creating a temporary copy of the product from a secure stock room area. This lets people purchase and receive products almost immediately any time of the day or night. Even if you are selling hard goods, electronic delivery can be useful catalogs and other items you may want to regulate.

The WebTen Basis - WebTen is the ideal medium for WebCatalog-based store fronts. It's the fastest Macintosh Web server on the market, surpassing Apache on Linux and Solaris in speed. WebTen is built to support any combination of IP-based or host-header based virtual hosts. You're free to mix and match OpenTransport with Tenon's native (and much faster) TCP stack. Of course, WebTen includes BIND so you can provide domain name service for all of your Web sites or anyone else's. WebTen gives you the key to secure commerce: 128-bit SSL by SSLeay. SSL encrypts all packets once a secure connection is established, and will remain (mathematically) uncrackable for quite a few years to come. It is an excellent choice for encrypting all forms of sensitive business information. If you like to mix and match, WebTen allows you to create secure and non-secure Web sites on the same IP.

The iTools Basis - iTools and WebCatalog combine to make the easiest-to-use eCommerce solution on Mac OS X Server. With Apple's new OS, you get protection and pre-emption -- two important elements of a robust, well-performing, secure eCommerce site.


See in action the powerful combination of WebTen and iTools with WebCatalog for serving virtual store fronts and on-line commerce.

All of the following sites are served on WebTen with WebCatalog:

Zzounds.com French Connexion World of Fishing Ostry

These sites use iTools and WebCatalog:

Ben & Jerry's Mac & PC Trade PorcheZone

eCommerce: The Age of "Virtual Window Shopping"

New Features and Enhancements in vers. 4.0.1
  • Build an unllimited number of sophisticated eCommerce web sites right from your browser.
  • Integrated order management that includes support for major payment authorization systems.
  • Free extensions for Dreamweaver ease custom WebDNA development.
  • Upload product graphics and more right from your browser.
  • Automatically indexes your web site for maximum search engine exposure.
  • Open integration including support for Java and other technologies.
  • High speed internal database included as well as industry standard SQL connections.
  • True multi-platform support including Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux and others.

WebCatalog comes with new contexts including:
  • [If ] [Then] [Else ]
  • [Switch ] [Case ]
  • [ReplaceFoundItems ]
  • [ConvertWords ]
  • [Grep ]
  • [LowerCase ]
  • [RemoveHTML ]
  • [Object ]
  • [ListVariables ]
  • [RenameFile ]
  • [CopyFolder ]
  • Search: [Sum ], [Min ], [Max ], [Avg ]
  • FileInfo: [ImageWidth ], [ImageHeight ]
  • List Words: [Delimiters]

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