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Installing Ultimate Bulletin Board on WebTen.

UBB works very nicely with WebTen, and shouldn't take more than a half an hour to set up for the first time. (Additional installations will be faster, as you learn which permissions need to be set for each file.)

The following document walks through the installation step by step. It's designed so that even new server administrators should be able to set up UBB on WebTen without too much difficulty.

UBB can be obtained from: http://www.ultimatebb.com

The archive comes zipped, so you'll need to unzip it in a place where you can find it easily before you can begin.

For the sake of example, let's walk through a "virtual" install of UBB on your machine. Since there are several files that compose the UBB script, you're probably going to want to put the scripts in their own folder. Let's call this folder "UBBscript". The path to that folder should be something like:

.../WebTen v3.0/cgi-bin/scripts/UBBscript/

If you haven't altered your WebTen install, you should already have the "WebTen v3.0/cgi-bin/scripts/" directories. (If you have a different version of WebTen, your folder may be named differently, and you will have to adjust accordingly. [NOTE] UBB requires Perl5 to run).

UBB's unix instructions can be used exactly for a WebTen install (in fact, this document actually just replaces the first 7 steps in UBB's Unix install instructions), but if you have direct access to the server machine , it is much easier to copy the UBB files to their proper folders. ([NOTE] If you don't have direct access to your WebTen server, you will have to FTP the files into their proper directories rather than directly copying them)

So, following my example, you need to copy the following files from the "ubbfree2000c Folder" into your "UBBscript" folder:

You need all the files out of ubb's cgi-bin folder, which includes:

.../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/cpanel.cgi .../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/postings.cgi
.../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/cpanel2.cgi .../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/ubbmisc.cgi
.../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/cpanel3.cgi .../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/ubb_library.pl
.../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/Date.pl .../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/ubb_library2.pl
.../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/forumdisplay.cgi .../ubbfree2000c/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi

Then, you need everything out of ubb's variable_files folder:

.../ubbfree2000c/variable_files/forums.cgi .../ubbfree2000c/variable_files/Styles.file
.../ubbfree2000c/variable_files/mods.file .../ubbfree2000c/variable_files/UltBB.setup

And the last thing that needs to be copied into your UBBScript folder is the entire folder named "Members" as well as the files contained within. It is very important that this folder isn't renamed, and none of the files are moved out of it.

So you now have 14 files and one directory (named "Members") in your UBBscript directory. That is all that needs to go into this folder, so we can move onto the .html files.

UBB's html files need to be in the directory with the rest of your web pages. The path to your web pages should be something like:

.../WebTen v3.0/Web Sites/www.yourdomain.com/

In this folder you need to create a new directory named "ubb". This is where all the .html files and graphics go.

Again, following my example, You need to copy all of the files from ".../ubbfree2000c Folder/non-cgi" into your ubb folder. This includes the following 31 files:

announce.gif email.gif open.gif tline.gif
bbtitle.gif faq.html posttopic.jpg tline3.gif
bbtitle5.jpg forumterms.html posticon.gif topic5.jpg
closed.gif index.html posticonnew.gif u2.jpg
controlpanel.html infopoplogo.gif postreply.jpg ubbcode.html
cp.html mailto.gif profile.gif ubbfavicon.ico
cplinks.html off.gif quickstart.html ubb_logo.gif
down.gif on.gif reply5.jpg

Now you have all of your UBB files in their proper places and you can work on setting the proper permissions for the script files and directories. To do this, you can either use an FTP application (I suggest fetch or transmit), or you can change the permissions through a WebTen Shell Window. Since there are so many different FTP applications, and it's just as easy, let's launch WebTen and open a shell window.

The first thing you need to change the permissions on is your UBBscript folder. So change directories until you're in it's parent directory (.../WebTen_Folder/cgi-bin/scripts/), and then type the command "chmod 755 UBBscript". This changes the permissions to:

Owner: Read Write Execute [rwx]
Group: Read -- Execute [r-x]
World: Read -- Execute [r-x]

After that, you need to change the permissions of the files and folders inside "UBBscript". So, cd into the UBBscript directory. Now, there are 14 files and 1 directory in UBBscript. 10 of the files need to have the permission 755, and the Members directory and the other 4 files need the permission 777. Rather than type out 15 individual commands, you can change the contents of the entire folder to have 755 permissions, and then individually change the permissions of the other 5 files/folders.

To do this, type "chmod 755 *.*" Now everything has 755 permissions and you can fix the remaining files/folder.

The "Members" directory (as well as four other files) needs to have the permission 777. This means:

Owner: Read Write Execute [rwx]
Group: Read Write Execute [rwx]
World: Read Write Execute [rwx]

To change this, type "chmod 777 Members". Now all you have to change in this directory are the permissions on the last 4 files using these commands:

"chmod 777 forums.cgi"
"chmod 777 mods.file"
"chmod 777 Styles.file"
"chmod 777 UltBB.setup"

After this, you only have one more permission to set. Inside the "Members" directory, there is a file called "Admin5.cgi". To set it's permission, you need to cd into that directory and type "chmod 777 Admin5.cgi". Now all permissions are properly set. (I will review each file name and it's proper permission at the end of this document).

There is one small thing left to do before you can log into your server and begin using the bulletin board. The file "cplinks.html" needs to be given the proper path to your UBB cgi-scripts. It's a fairly quick operation, all you have to do is open the file "cplinks.html" in BBedit (or SimpleText for that matter) and edit the line "base HREF" so that it contains the correct path for the UBB scripts. In the case of my example, you'd put:

< BASE HREF="http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/scripts/UBBscript/" >

make sure to put the ending "/" on the URL.

From here, you should be ready to log in and try this out. There are some control panel set-up instructions you will need to follow to set passwords and so forth, but these are the same for every machine running UBB, so I don't need to make them specific to WebTen. All you need to do is simply go to


and start following the instructions starting at number 8. These are meant to guide new users through actually configuring the bulletin board to make it do what they want it to do.

If an internal error is encountered during any of this setup, it means there is a permission set improperly. To fix it, all you need to do is go through the following file list on your machine and see if the permissions match:

File Path:       Onr. Grp. Wld.   Pn.
.../cgi_bin/scripts/UBBscript [DIR]       [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /cpanel.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /cpanel2.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /cpanel3.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /Date.pl     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /forumdisplay.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /postings.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /ubbmisc.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /ubb_library.pl     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /ubb_library2.pl     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755
  /Ultimate.cgi     [rwx] [r_x] [r_x]   755

  /forums.cgi     [rwx] [rwx] [rwx]   777
  /mods.file     [rwx] [rwx] [rwx]   777
  /Styles.file     [rwx] [rwx] [rwx]   777
  /UltBB.setup     [rwx] [rwx] [rwx]   777
  /Members [DIR]     [rwx] [rwx] [rwx]   777
    /Admin5.cgi   [rwx] [rwx] [rwx]   777

Also, you might notice that sometimes, even if you enter the path to the ubb scripts in "cplinks.html" when you try to use some of the control panel links, they somehow get lost. In this case, check the url of the link you just clicked on, and correct the path if it's wrong, this usually only happens before you log in and correct the paths in UBB. Once you set the paths (according to the instructions) it will work itself out.

So, that's it, you should now be up and running with UBB on WebTen. Congratulations.

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