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WebTen Resources: Macintosh CGIs, Plugins and Helper Applications.



  • Bnbform.cgi: "The All-In-One Forms Processor" Designed for quick implementation of HTML forms.
  • FillOut.cgi: Processes HTML forms.
  • Forms.acgi: Inputs a form and mails it to a specified address.
  • FormMail: Perl cgi which inputs a form and mails it to a specified address.
  • FormSaver: Easily implement HTML forms.
  • Getcomments: A Perl cgi-script HTML form handler.
  • iForm: An HTML form handler.
  • NetForms: Drag and drop forms processing and more.

Page Counters

Database Interfaces

  • DALgate.acgi: Integrates Butler SQL Server databases with the web.
  • Lasso: Integrates Filemaker Pro databases with the web.
  • Osmosis: Enables internet/intranet clients to communicate with and transfer data between Helix collections.
  • Page Cache: Use with FM and Lasso to save processed pages and serve them back to users from cache.
  • PrimeBase Database Server: Fully relational database management system that can also act as middleware for DAL and ODBC based applications.
  • Quickweb: Complete solution for WebMasters looking for a very fast system for data management on their server.
  • ROFM.CGI: Connect FileMaker Pro databases to the world wide web.
  • Tango: Integrates a variety of databases with the web.
  • Typhoon: Easily add features such as online quizzes, email forms, page counters and password protection to your web site using WebDNA.
  • WebDataServer: Easily, quickly and inexpensively make the data in your delimited text files available to people on the World Wide Web or your local IntraNet.
  • WebFM: Integrates Filemaker Pro databases with the web.
  • WebSiphon: Contains an integrated database, you can instantly turn any file on your site into a dynamic CGI.
  • WebVue: Lets you create a Web interface for any Panorama database in minutes.
  • WS4D/CGI: Easily publish databases and create online polls.
  • X2O: Provides web connectivity for Oracle databases.

Mail Interfaces

  • Email.cgi: Inputs a form and mails it to a specified address.
  • FlexMail: [download] Plug-in which inputs a form and mails it to a specified address.
  • Mail-file: An acgi which mails requested files.
  • Mail Tools Gateway: UNIX-based web to SMTP server gateway.

Searching and Indexing

  • Active list: Create interactive expandable/collapsable lists of hierarchical information.
  • Boolean Search: Powerful server-side search solution that offers lightning-fast access to information on web and file servers.
  • Directory Listing: Presents a Finder-like view of directory structure on your website.
  • Directory Listing AppleScript CGI: Generates HTML Directory listings for selected subfolder hierarchies of MacHTTP server space. The listing includes file sizes.
  • e.g.umbrella: Allows customization of web pages that use Apple e.g.
  • Maxum Phantom: Web crawler, indexer and search engine.
  • Phantom 2.2: Running on your web server, Phantom makes it possible for users to search your web site or other web sites.
  • Search.fcgi: Frontier script for creating a searchable website.
  • SpotLight CGI: Creates a searchable website.
  • WarpSearch: Creates a searchable website.
  • WebSonar: Creates a searchable website.
  • What's New: Automatically builds a "what's new" listing of links to documents on your website based on file modification dates.
  • ZipBurst: Search a database by postal code.


  • Authorize.net: Process and manage credit card and electronic check transactions through the internet.
  • Banner Ad component for Interaction: Create and maintain rotating banners on your sites using Interaction. Interaction supports SS XML and XHTML, visitor tracking, membership management and more.
  • BannerMania!: Complete banner rotation solution.
  • Ch-Ching!: SSI Credit card processing, remote administration for databases or 4D and filemaker templates.
  • CyberCash: Payment services for online businesses.
  • First Virtual CGI Bridge: Initiate First Virtual transactions from your site.
  • MacAuthorize: Replaces creditcard terminals, can auto deposit into a bank account makes use of a variety of database programs.
  • MGI: Multi-purpose Webmastering tool, some features include: SSI, sendmail, forms, and E-Commerce functions.
  • ONcommerce: Programmable real-time credit card transactions on the internet.
  • Optigold ISP: Helps you manage, run and track every aspect of an Internet Service Provider.
  • Tango 2000: Establish a storefront on the web. (Performs other web-based solutions as well).
  • WebCatalog: Bring your catalog to the web.
  • WebMerchant: Transaction processing allows a complete web-based store when combined with WebCatalog or other web-store applications.

Chat and Forums

  • Big Board FM: "The ultimate message board for your website".
  • Ceilidh 2.60: Threaded bulletin boards with file attachment and E-mail.
  • CGI Chat Scripts: At least 16 different scripts for adding chat to your websites.
  • Conferweb 3.2: Allows web servers to host guestbooks, bulletin boards, and discussion forums in a highly customizable and flexible fashion.
  • DigiChat: The Chat server for ISP's and webmasters.
  • Dr. B's Virtual Message Board Tool: "The World's Most Full-Featured Web Message Board System".
  • Facilitate.com v6.0: Powerful set of conferencing tools.
  • Gossip: Tools for formatting your own internet portals right on your desktop.
  • JavaChat: [download] Simple SSI demo chat room.
  • VolanoChat: Add Java chat to your websites.
  • Web Crossing: Provides on-line discussion forums, now with live chat.
  • Yak!: Simple fast web chat program.

Calanders and Clocks

Online Test, Surveys, and Classrooms

  • QuestWriter: A set of tools that aid instructors in harnessing the web's potential and managing their web-based classes.
  • Simply Surveys: Create questions, capture responses and analyze results.
  • TestPilot: Creat and administer surveys, tests and assessments.
  • TopClass: Add online classrooms and virtual training sessions to your websites.

Random URL and URL Redirection

  • Meat: An application that creates redirect files for web servers.
  • Pardeikes Welcome: [download] Redirects any request to somewhere on your server or another server.
  • Random/Deflect CGIs: [download] Returns data or redirects to random URL.
  • Random URL CGI: [download] Returns a random URL to a browser.
  • Redirect responder: Frontier script that allows you to maintain a table of old URLs whose values are new URLs. When an old URL is requested, the browser is redirected to the new URL.


  • Bounce: [download] Converts server output to HTML.
  • Finger.cgi Finger a "Finger" server from a web form.
  • Hexomatic Adds automatic BinHex transfer capability to your Macintosh Web server.
  • JumpToPage Freeware Frontier script that adds a pop-down menu with pages to jump to.
  • MacWebCam [download] Serve live video over the web.
  • M-C-M Simpson: [download] Serves animated text.
  • NetCloak Create dynamic, conditional web pages.
  • NetFax Form faxing and Fax-on-Demand for mac Web servers.
  • NetSplat: A free MacTCP and Open Transport native Macintosh application that lets you test and compare web servers on all platforms. It can simulate web client loads of more than 2500 connections per minute on a high-end Power Macintosh.
  • PageNOW! for the Web: Send messages from web browser to a pager.
  • Pounder II: Test simultaneous connections to your webserver.
  • ServletExec 3.0: Implements Java servlet API and Java server pages.
  • Version Master: Personalizes and updates mac software on your site.
  • WebEngage! Find and access Web and FTP servers through the Chooser.
  • Web Server Screen Capture Utility [download] Takes a screenshot of the current Macintosh screen and and returns it as a GIF to a web browser.
  • WebSiphon: Embed scripts (including SyphonScript) into your HTML. Includes a flat-file database server for the web. Check out the guide to Using WebSiphon with WebTen. Also, there is a page devoted to WebSiphon scripting.

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