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WebTen Resources: Macintosh Site Maintenance, Performance and Security Software

Site Maintenance

  • Adobe GoLive: Tools for site creation, modification and cleanup.
  • HTML Grinder: Tools for site creation, modification and cleanup.
  • NetObjects Fusion: Tools for site creation, modification and cleanup.
  • PageBuddy: Gives your clients a tool that lets them file standardized page modification requests.
  • SiteRanger: Shareware web site manager for the Macintosh.
  • Site Tools Suite: A collection of site management tools for BBEdit-based websites.
  • SiteWarrior: Non-WYSIWYG tool for advanced site maintenence and automated HTML production.
  • Web Outliner [download] Builds an outline of your entire website for you with all included pages.

Remote Monitoring and Statistical Analysis

  • CyberGauge: Provides an easy way to independently verify your bandwidth usage and to document historical and current usage patterns.
  • EtherPeek: Ethernet network traffic and protocol analyzer designed to make the complex tasks of troubleshooting and debugging mixed-platform, multi-protocol networks easy.
  • InterMapper: Reports outages, interface errors, and configuration changes by querying the routers of a network using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
  • ProCon 1.0: [download] A CGI that gives you web-based control of the processes running on your server.
  • Remote Moniter: Enables you to monitor the web server in real time using any web browser that supports the"multipart/x-mixed-replace" server push mechanism, such as Netscape Navigator 3.0.
  • SiteEdit: Allows remote listing, editing and creation of web pages.
  • WebCrumbs: Analyzes your visitor's behavior, then returns a specific Web page in real-time based on fixed or special-combination business rules..
  • WebSite Garage Automate site maintenance checks, optimize your graphics and analyze your traffic.

Server Reliability

  • AutoBoot Restarts your Mac automatically after a crash or freeze.
  • KeepItUp: Keep server applications running, schedule restarts, keep a certain app in the front.
  • Lazarus: An ADB device that provides crash protection for Macs. Automatically cycles the power to the computer after a crash.
  • MacCoach: Combination ADB device and software restart your computer after a crash.
  • Mac Restart: Improves reliability of server restarting it when unattended using a weekly plan customized by the user.
    PageSentry: Tests servers to make sure they operating properly, can recover server from a crash if needed.
  • PowerKey Pro 600: Powerstrip allows you to remotely startup your computer via telephone.
  • Rebound!: Monitors your system and automatically restarts it when it crashes.
  • SiteMonitor: An AppleScript application that can be used to monitor one or multiple Web servers to make sure they are running properly. If SiteMonitor is not able to verify one of the URLs listed in its preference file, it will launch a specified application.

Log Analysis

  • Analog: Freeware log analysis software.
  • Funnel Web 3.5 from CreativePro.com. Log analysis software which provides detailed charting and statistical analysis of any Web Server log file. It provides detailed statistical analysis of server load and Web site usage and generates HTML output files.
  • FlashStats: Log analysis software. Fast, can generate 12 different types of report, supports all major log formats.
  • HitList: A powerful Web analysis solution providing comprehensive analysis of both online and offline data in near real time.
  • LogDoor: Provides real-time multi-domain analysis and log files.
  • LogTran: Translates log files in any of several formats into NCSA Combined logs.
  • Sawmill 5: Generates log analysis reports that are hierarchical, attractive, and heavily crosslinked for easy navigation.
  • ServerStat: Freeware log analysis software.
  • Summary: Features many unique reports including: search words used to find your site in major search engines, periods when the server was down, most commonly used entry points into your site, visitors connection speed.
  • WebStat: Analyzes logs and generates reports.
  • Wusage: Analyzes logs and generates reports.
  • WWWStat4Mac: A simple application designed to process the log files from internet web servers.

Page and Link Validation


  • BIAP Relay: Web server plug-in that relays client requests to remote web servers on your local LAN or anywhere on the Internet based upon the type of request, remote server availability, and dynamic load conditions.
  • FireSite: [beta] A Rapid-install, no-maintenance breakthrough content delivery solution that bypasses Internet congestion to deliver site content to visitors up to 10 times faster.
  • Mirror 1.0: [download] Can be automated to run regularly and copy new and updated files from one site to another using the Internet standard FTP protocol.
  • Recent Additions: [download] Keeps track of new files uploaded via FTP.
  • RequestToRemote: Allows you to run your ACGI on its own machine in your AppleTalk network, giving it all the processor time it needs without slowing down the server.
  • Synchronize!: A personal file synchronization and backup utility for the Mac.


  • AutoDeny: Automatically denys a particular web surfer access to the server site.
  • CGI-Bolt: [download] Restricts unauthorized CGIs from running.
  • IbacomSecurity Plug-in: Limits the execution of a particular CGI to a certain number of folders.
  • Kev's PreProcessor: Restricts CGI programs from running from any folder on the hard disk.
  • MacRadius: Lets you consolidate all of the user account information from many network access server (NAS) devices in a single place.
  • Web sentinel: Auto-expiring users (subscription management), administration groups, optional HTML-based login forms, GREP match strings and more.

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