Running NetTen v1.4 or higher with WebTen 2.x or higher


This document contains a procedure for configuring NetTen 1.4 to run simultaneously with WebTen. The principle conflict is that the NetTen administration server wants to use port 80 to serve its administration home page which conflicts with WebTen's use of that port. The other issue is that since both products include a DNS server, neither one of them can be used since turning one on would also turn the other on. This requires that the DNS is disabled in the WebTen preferences. This document assumes that you have both WebTen 2.x or higher and NetTen 1.4 or higher installed and configured with DNS disabled. If you do not have this done, do this first before continuing as per instructions in the NetTen manual, but you must configure them separately (i.e. do NOT run them at the same time before executing these instructions).

There are two ways in which NetTen and WebTen can run on the same machine: on separate IP addresses or on the same IP address. When running on separate IP addresses, any conflicts between NetTen and WebTen would be avoided since they would use different networking environments. This is the preferred method. For NetTen and WebTen to run on the same IP address, the configuration is a bit more complicated than the previous. This document contains two sets of instructions, one for each of the possible configurations. It is a good idea to read the installation instructions in the respecive manuals for both WebTen and NetTen to get familiar with

NetTen and WebTen with individual IP address

  • 1. Configure WebTen for Dual Stack Networking as described in the WebTen documentation.
  • 2. Quit WebTen and make sure the OTSocketLib and the MacTCPdLib are disabled and the SocketLib is enabked in the TenonLibraries folder in the WebTen folder.
  • 3. Start Netten and configure it for OpenTransport Networking (i.e. not replacing OpenTransport) as per manual instructions.
  • 4. Start WebTen
  • Since NetTen and WebTen do not operate with the same IP address in this configuration, they can be configured completely independently. Remember to make separate DNS entries for each IP address. NetTen and WebTen

    NetTen and WebTen with the same IP address

  • 1. Configure WebTen for OpenTransport Networking as described in the WebTen manual<./li>
  • 2. Quit WebTen and start NetTen. Configure it for with the exact same preferences that WebTen uses. If WebTen uses DNS, read the following section on DNS (Enabling DNS for either WebTen or NetTen) to decide whether or not to turn DNS on for NetTen.
  • 3. Connect to the NetTen admin server and go to the HTTP port page.
  • 4. Change the port to 8080 or if 8080 is in use on your system, use any port that is not in use (80, 81, 82, and 84 are used by NetTen and WebTen)
  • 5. Quit NetTen
  • 6. Start WebTen and start NetTen
  • Enabling DNS for either WebTen or NetTen

    Since NetTen and WebTen have separate preferencs files, turning DNS off in one does not affect the other, but both products can not run DNS when on the same IP address. In the Preference settings of either, disable DNS and enable it in the other. This will cause the DNS for either NetTen or WebTen to start each time you start either program and all DNS configuration will be made in the product that has DNS enabled.

    Using the modified NetTen admin server

    Since the NetTen administration server is now running on port 8080 (or your choice), you will need to access it at for the home page and for the Post.Office administration server. Since both the NetTen DNS/HTTP configuration server and the WebTen administration server are running on port 84, you can't access one directly after using the other. For example, if you had just changed the HHTP port of NetTen, you would not be able to use the WebTen admin server becuase of a conflict over port 84 (restarting NetTen will clear this conflict). This also means that it would not be possible to change the HTTP port with the WebTen admin server started.

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