PHP 4.0.2 for WebTen download, installation and documentation.

To install the PHP 4 package, first download the PHP4 Installer from:

Decompress the file, then quit WebTen and run the installer (make sure you select your WebTen folder as the target for the installation). Once it is finished, restart Webten and PHP4 should be enabled.

We have prepared some supplementary documentation to accompany this release of PHP4. It is a downloadable archive that demonstrates moving from NetCloak to PHP, and is also useful for those who are just starting out with PHP. These documents are a work in progress, feedback is welcome.

You can obtain this documentation from:

We also have a test file available that you can download and place in your website's directory to make sure PHP4 has been installed properly. This document provides release information and documentation as well.

The URL for the test file is:

To use the "test.php" file and/or the "PHP-info" folder, copy them to your website's home directory. They are then accessible by:



If you have any comments, problems, or suggestions, please E-mail them to