PPP Shutdown

The /usr/libexec/pppd must be carefully shutdown in order for it to properly cleanup changes it has made to the system. The /usr/etc/pppd application should be terminated with the following command:

kill -HUP <pppd pid>

The pppd pid is obtained from the ps -ax command. If /usr/libexec/pppd is terminated with any other kind of Unix kill signal, the /usr/etc/pppd will not properly restore changes it has made to the MachTen system.

Route and ARP Entries on Termination

If the /usr/libexec/pppd is terminated improperly, any routes or ARP settings that PPP has installed in the system will not be de-installed. This means that if the /usr/libexec/pppd is rerun before the system is restarted or before the routes and ARP entries are deleted by hand, the rerun of the /usr/etc/pppd will not restart properly as there may be conflicts between the old route and ARP entries and the new entries that PPP will attempt to install.

If an error is found on PPP restart of the form:

Unable to install default route

check the route table for an existing entry left from a previous PPP execution. See PPP Routes for more information.

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