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Troubleshooting Guide

The Trouble Guide is meant to describe and assist NetTen users with typical maintenance duties. Many problems can be taken care of simply by re-installing NetTen or using Fast File First Aid to repair damaged storage files. These two things are not needed for regular maintenance, but may be used if problems arise.


Using the Fast File First Aid utility on your storage files is safe and easy and can be used periodically even if there do not seem to be any problems with NetTen. Re-installing NetTen is a more drastic measure for difficult to resolve problems and opens the possibility of lost configurations. NetTen support is available from Tenon Technical Support (support@tenon.com).

NetTen Utilities

The two utilities included with NetTen are Fast File First Aid and Unix<->Text.

The Utilities folder


The Utilities folder is located in your NetTen folder. Fast File First Aid is a specialized utility that is much like Apple's Disk First Aid utility, but for The Fast File System storage files installed with NetTen. If you are experiencing serious and strange errors or if your NetTen system suddenly won't start up, you should run Fast File First Aid on the NetTen Storage and Post.Office storage files. To use this utility, drag and drop the FFS storage files onto Fast File First Aid icon.


Unix<->Text is a utility for converting UNIX-style files into text readable by Macintosh text editor programs such as BBEdit. Files in NetTen's Fast File System are UNIX-style files. This utility is used in the same drag and drop way as Fast File First Aid.


Re-installing NetTen

There are five steps to migrating from one NetTen v1.4 to a freshly installed NetTen v1.4: Install new NetTen, export user accounts from old the NetTen, move stored mail, and re-set passwords. These steps must be executed in order and should result in a cloned NetTen installation.

Install NetTen

Follow the Installation instructions in section 3.2 to re-install NetTen, but ignore the instructions regarding the preferences, adding new accounts, and adding DNS records since those will be preserved from the previous NetTen insallation.

Export Stored Content

In your active version of NetTen v.1.4, select "Export Stored Content" from the Storage menu. Enter a file name to call the stored content file (see figure below).


Stored Content File Name


When you have entered a file name (e.g. "storedcont.1"), choose OK and NetTen will make the file.


NetTen exporting mail



Move Stored Mail and Backup

Since NetTen stores mail in the mail folder of your NetTen v1.4 folder, you will have to manually move this folder from the old NetTen folder to the freshly installed NetTen folder. Simply replace the mail folder in the new NetTen v1.4 folder with the mail from the old NetTen v1.4 folder.


Next, move the file in the NetTen v1.4/tenon/backups folder that you created in step 10.2.2 to the NetTen v1.4/tenon/backups folder in the newly installed NetTen.


Import Stored Content

Start the newly installed NetTen v1.4 application while holding down the OPTION key. This will show you your NetTen preferences screen before NetTen starts up. Verify that all these settings are correct and select "Save". NetTen will then start up. Ignore the warning about your License number. Choose "Import Stored Content" from the Storage menu. You will be asked for the name of the file that you want to import from.



Enter the name of the file you created in 10.2.2 and moved in 10.2.3. Choose OK and NetTen will begin importing from the file.




Re-enter passwords

Now that you have your user accounts and mail moved to your new NetTen v1.4, you have to re-set the postmaster password, DNS Admin password, and License Number. See section 4.1.3 for instructions on entering a license number, section 4.1.4 for setting the Postmaster password, and section 4.2.1 for setting the DNS administrator password.


Once you are satisfied that your new NetTen v1.4 is identical to the old one, you can throw out the old NetTen v1.4 folder.


Move DNS Databases


If NetTen is being used as DNS, the DNS databases will also need to be moved. The database files are kept in the folder NetTen/tenon/etc/named. To retain all DNS databases, replace the named folder of the old NetTen with the named folder of the new NetTen.


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