Upgrading to WebTen 2.0 from WebTen 1.x

The WebTen 2.0 Installer is designed to be installed as a clean, or fresh installation. It is not packaged as an update to any previous release of WebTen. Upgrading an existing WebTen system to WebTen 2.0 requires some care to prevent corruption of the WebTen Libraries folder and to preserve your site specific customizations. After WebTen 2.0 is installed, the preserved customizations may be re-entered.

This document is intended to assist in installing WebTen 2.0 GM on a system that is already running a previous version of WebTen.

While your existing WebTen system is still running:

Before installing WebTen 2.0:

To aid in this process each WebTen release (including Beta releases) contains a copy of the httpd.conf file as it was delivered in that release. If you compare this file against your current httpd.conf file, the customizations or site specific changes to that file can be identified. Now, if you understand Apache's httpd.conf file format and directives, you can use these differences as a reference for re-entering your sites customizations.

The released httpd.conf file is saved in: '/tenon/apache/conf/Release/httpd.conf'. Use BBEdit to generate a list of differences between this file and your current httpd.conf file (above).

Install WebTen 2.0

Launch WebTen 2.0

Explore WebTen 2.0's new features

Plug-In Installation under WebTen 2.0

W*API plug-ins are sometimes distributed with Web content folders and instructions to place the content folder in the server's document root folder.

Under WebTen, multiple document root folders are possible depending on the number of virtual hosts configured. All Web document root folders, including the default virtual host root folder are contained in the WebSites folder.

If the plug-in's content is to serve one or more virtual hosts, follow these steps:

SSL Key and Certificate Files

SSL key and certificate files are required for operation of a secure Web server. If your WebTen server is not serving any secure Web sites, you do not need to perform the steps in this section when upgrading your WebTen system.

SSL key and certificate files may be exported from a WebTen system using a special CGI named sslcerts.cgi. For security reasons, this CGI is not installed by default in a WebTen system. It must be installed and executed using the export option on the existing WebTen system prior to upgrading to the new version of WebTen. It then must be installed and executed using the import option on the new WebTen system after that system has been installed. Once the SSL key and certificate files have been imported into the upgraded system, sslcerts.cgi should be uninstalled from that system.

Exporting SSL Files

To export the SSL key and certificate files from an existing WebTen system:

Importing SSL Files

To import the SSL key and certificate files from a previous version of WebTen:

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