The "Access Forbidden" Problem

The ability to run multiple TCP/IP stacks under WebTen can sometimes create confusion when setting up WebTen for the first time. Under certain start up conditions, WebTen may become unintentionally configured with an IP address that does not match the IP address assigned to OpenTransport in the TCP/IP Control Panel. Browser access to WebTen under these circumstances will return a 403 Access Forbidden error message.

The problem can be easily corrected by re-creating the WebTen Preferences file following the steps below.

Rebuilding the WebTen Preferences

  1. Drag the WebTen Preferences file from the Preferences folder into the Trash.
  2. Launch WebTen. The default WebTen network preferences will appear.
  3. Check "Replace Open Transport".
  4. Set the Ethernet IP address to match the assigned address in the OpenTransport TCP/IP Control Panel.
  5. Un-check "Replace Open Transport" and select "Save".
  6. Drag the tenon:apache:conf:httpd.conf file to the Trash.
  7. Duplicate the tenon:apache:conf:Release:httpd.conf file into the tenon:apache:conf folder.
  8. Launch WebTen.
  9. Launch a Web browser.
  10. Verify your configuration by connecting to WebTen from the browser using either the loopback IP address "", or, if a DNS server is configured, via the name "localhost".

Page last updated 12/28/1999