Multi-homed virtual hosts

1. Set up the DNS Server

WebTen uses DNS to translate Virtual Host names to IP addresses and vice-versa. Virtual Host names that cannot be resolved are rejected by WebTen, so this step must be done first.    IN  A    IN  A    IN  A
55      IN  PTR
56      IN  PTR
57      IN  PTR

2. Configure WebTen to Replace OpenTransport

OpenTransport does not support MultiHoming. WebTen's alternate networking libraries do support multihoming. Follow these steps to replace OpenTransport with WebTen's built-in networking.

3. Configure OpenTransport to "Get out of the Way!"

If OpenTransport doesn't get out of the way when WebTen's networking takes over, OpenTransport and WebTen Networking both operating at the same time, using the same IP Address. This causes problems.

4. Add the Virtual Host Names to WebTen's Configuration

If there are no errors, the Virtual Hosts table will be re-displayed with the new Virtual Host included in alphabetical order. A folder with the same name as the Virtual Host name will have been created in the WebTen folder. Add your WWW content files to this folder and they will be served via this Virtual Host. (That's all there is to it!)

Any additional Virtual Hosts can be added in the same way.

The WebTen Admin Server reports errors if the Virtual Host name cannot be resolved using DNS or if OpenTransport networking is being used. Correct any such problems then re-enter the Virtual Host name.

Page last updated 12/28/1999