WebTen Multihoming with Open Transport

WebTen has always supported IP-based virtual hosts using an optional Tenon TCP/IP networking implementation that replaces Open Transport. The Tenon networking stack has performance and features not found in Open Transport and is recommended for optimal WebTen performance.

Open Transport 1.3 supports single link multihoming. This feature allows multiple IP addresses to be assigned to a single networking interface. Multiple IP addresses are required to implement true IP-based virtual hosts, so with OT 1.3, Web servers that use Open Transport can support IP-based virtual hosts.

The remainder of this document describes the steps for configuring WebTen with multiple IP-based virtual hosts using Open Transport. It assumes your Macintosh has already been properly configured for TCP/IP operation (using only a single default, or original IP address) via the TCP/IP Control Panel.

The following setup is recommended for hosting multiple IP-based virtual hosts using Open Transport:

  1. Decide on the additional host names and IP addresses you plan to use for your IP-based virtual hosts. If you need help, consult with your network administrator.
  2. Configure your DNS server to resolve any of the new host names and IP addresses that it doesn't already know about. Again, if it is necessary, consult with your network administrator.
  3. If WebTen is already installed and running, check that "Replace Open Transport" is not checked in the WebTen Preferences. Verify that the IP address used by WebTen matches the IP address for Open Transport (this is referred to as the default IP address). Quit WebTen.
  4. Install and configure Open Transport 1.3 (or later). Follow the instructions included with Open Transport to configure it for multiple IP addresses. Use the IP addresses that have been allocated and added to DNS in the previous steps. If you have any problems acquiring, installing, configuring, or testing Open Transport, we suggest that you use your customary Apple technical support channels to get help.
  5. If WebTen was not previously installed, install WebTen. WebTen's default is to use Open Transport (rather than replace it) and to use Open Transport's default IP address, which is correct for this configuration.
  6. Launch WebTen.
  7. Launch a Web browser.
  8. Connect to WebTen from the browser using the default or original IP address of your Macintosh and start WebTen's Admin Server. Use a URL like: <http://hostname.com/webten_admin>
  9. Enter the host names for the new IP-based virtual hosts (one at a time) in the Virtual Hosts Table.
  10. Add the web content for each of the IP-based virtual hosts to the corresponding folders in the WebSites folder.
  11. That's it! Test that your Web server is serving multiple IP-based virtual hosts by connecting to each of the virtual hosts.

Page last updated 12/28/1999