Cloning an Existing WebTen Installation

This paper describes how to make a transfer all settings files from one WebTen installation to another, creating an exact functional duplicate of the original WebTen configuration.

Settings available through Mac file system

Copy each of these files from the original system to the duplicate.

   httpd.conf                   (Server/site conf)
   webten.conf                  (Admin conf)
 + mime.types                   (Mime conf)

   squid.conf                   (Cache conf)

   rc.local                     (DNS Multihoming, cron & dns launch)
   fstab                        (NFS conf)
 + crontab                      (CRON conf)

   named.conf                   (DNS conf)
   db*                          (DNS records)

   *                            (SSL Certs)

   WebTen Settings              (Plug-In settings)

 //System Folder/Preferences/
   WebTen Preferences           (network/host info)

 //System Folder/Extensions/    [WebTen Versions <  2.1.6]
   WebTen Libraries             (stack/SSL conf)

 //WebTenDir/                   [WebTen Versions >= 2.1.6]
   Tenon Libraries              (stack/SSL conf)
 + WebTen application memory settings (from File->GetInfo)

Settings available through WebTen export

There are some settings that cannot be accessed through the Mac file system. These must be explicitly exported on the original system, and then imported back into the duplicate.

 Export Users/Groups            (ftp, realm access info)

To copy over the Users and Groups settings, open your admin server in a browser, click on Users, click on Import/Export, and enter a filename to export the user list as. This file will be put in the tenon folder inside of your main WebTen folder. Copy this file to the tenon folder of the duplicate machine, and go the the same place in the admin interface of the duplicate machine. There is a more detailed description of this procedure in Section 7.10.2 of the user manual.

 Export SSL Keys                (SSL Keys)

First, install the cgi 'sslcerts.cgi' (look in support folder), and execute the cgi It will make a folder with the IP address

Settings available through WebTen's menu interface

 Admin->Change License          (License #)

You will have to go to the duplicate machine and manually set the license number, the same way you did in the original one.

Of course remember your own modifications

 //WebTenDir/WebSites           (your Web content)
 //WebTenDir/cgi-bin            (your global cgi's)
 //WebTenDir/Plug-Ins           (your added Plug-ins)
+ = Not changed by Admin Server. If you didn't edit this file yourself, it has not changed since it was installed.

NOTE: The files included in directories entitled "Release" are the initial, untouched versions of the corresponding files. Use BBEdit to find the differences between these files and your current configuration. Any changes made by you or the Admin Server will be made apparent.

This describes how to duplicate an existing WebTen installation. If you archive the files described above, you will have created a backup.

Page last updated 12/27/1999