Installing WebCatalog with WebTen 2.0+

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WebCatalog Plugin

  1. If it's not already there, drag the WebCatalog folder into WebTen's WebSites folder
  2. Drag WebCatalog Plugin and WebCatalog Prefs.ref into WebTen's Plug-Ins folder
  3. Create an alias to the WebCatalog folder, and put the alias (named exactly "WebCatalog") inside the root folder of any web sites you want to be able to administer WebCatalog from. For instance, if your web site is called "", then put the alias inside the folder /WebSites/
  4. Use WebTen's administration interface to add a suffix mapping for files ending in ".TPL" to use the WEBCATALOG_PI action.
  5. Administer WebCatalog by using a browser to link to the WebCatalog folder in your site. For instance, if your site is "", then link to
  6. To create a new storefront in another multihomed web site, simply copy the entire StoreBuilder folder (or TeaRoom, if you prefer) into that web site's root folder, and link to This will create an entirely separate storefront which you can customize for that web site.
  7. If you intend to set WebTen's advanced "MyopicPlugin" to FALSE, then you will need to add another preference value to WebCatalog Prefs. Add the following line to the end of WebCatalog Prefs:
    PathCleanup	T

    (That should be a tab character between "PathCleanup" and "T")

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