Installing the WebTen 3.0.3 -> 3.0.4 Patch File.

It is reccommended that you install this patch file rather than using the WebTen 3.0.4 installer if you already have a copy of WebTen 3.0.3 that is up and running. It is a simple fix that will only take a few minutes to implement, thus keeping your server's down time to a minimum. If you use the WebTen 3.0.4 installer, it will install a completly new copy of WebTen, it cannot be used as an updater. Note: this patch (and the 3.0.4 installer) only fix the problem with using Internet Explorer to administrate your WebTen server.


The first thing you will need to do is download and unstuff the patch file:

This should create a file called "".

If you have WebTen running, you will need to quit it now.

Open your WebTen folder. Inside there will be a folder called "tenon", open this folder and locate the folder inside called "admin". Open your "admin" folder.

Inside your "admin" folder are a bunch of files ending in .pl. Find the file called "" inside this folder. Re-name the file "" (This is in case something gets corrupted with the "" file we are replacing it with.)

Now move the "" file that you downloaded into the "admin" folder and restart WebTen.

You should now be able to use Internet Explorer to Administrate your WebTen server.

If you have any problems with this installation, please contact us by E-mail at