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Tenon and Active Concepts Partner to Join State-of-the-Art Web Analysis with State-of-the-Art Web Serving

Santa Barbara, CA, March 2, 1998. In a limited time special offer, Tenon Intersystems and Active Concepts have joined together to make Funnel Web, an advanced web analysis tool, a free add-on to WebTen, the fastest and most fully-featured Macintosh web server.


WebTen 2.0 is an industrial-strength, high-performance Web server for Power Macs - a point & click Apache web server, with performance and features that, for the first time, put the Macintosh squarely on the internet playing field. WebTen, based on the latest Apache 1.2.5 and sustaining over 700 hits/second, includes multihoming SSL 3.0, multihoming FTP, NFS, and DNS. With Tenon's Macintosh extensions to Apache, WebTen supports the widest selection of plug-ins and CGIs of any web server.

WebTen includes built-in multihoming with its own finely tuned TCP stack. Alternatively, you can run WebTen with Apple's OpenTransport, or, if desired, run both Tenon's advanced TCP stack and OT in parallel, simultaneously. WebTen supports both IP-based virtual hosting or header-based virtual hosting. Using IP-based virtual hosting in combination with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 for Web-based commerce, provides the ability to support hundreds of secure Web addresses on a single Macintosh.

WebTen supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for uploading Web content. Using virtual hosting in combination FTP supports the secure uploading of Web content to specific virtual host directories. A built-in NFS capability supports the offloading of Web content throughout the enterprise via industry-standard file sharing. In addition, state-of-the-art Domain Name Service (DNS) has been included so that a WebTen Web server can also act as a primary or secondary domain name server.


Funnel Web 1.6 puts the power of Web analysis into the hand of people who need the information - editors, CEOs and managers. No longer do corporations need to employ programmers and software engineers to generate detailed Web reports. Funnel Web is a valuable tool for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), giving them the ability to generate detailed billing and usage statistics for clients. Educators can use it to monitor students progress and online curricula. Business managers can use it to monitor market penetration and effectiveness.

Funnel Web not only provides detailed information about the effectiveness of a Web site, but also diagnoses potential problems and pinpoints hotspots. Through its unique and intuitive user interface, Funnel Web removes the difficulty of analyzing web traffic. It eliminates the need to decipher and edit complex configuration files or to know the format of log files. Simple to use, more powerful than its predecessors, and twice as fast as any other commercial Web processing tool.

WebTen & Funnel Web: Advanced Web Service and Advanced Web Analysis

For a limited time, Tenon will include a free Funnel Web with the purchase of WebTen. Simply purchase WebTen and redeem the included Funnel Web coupon (US $199.95 value) from Active Concepts. WebTen is US $495.

About Tenon Intersystems

Tenon has been producing sophisticated networking software for Apple platforms since 1989. Tenon provided the first multihoming TCP stack for Macintosh, the first Macintosh IP forwarding software, the fastest Macintosh X server, and the first Macintosh caching and proxy Web server. Now, with WebTen, Tenon is continuing to add innovative technologies to extend the capabilities of Apple's state-of-the art personal computer platforms. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the US at 805-963-6983 or .

About Active Concepts

Active Concepts Pty. Ltd. is a leading Internet software development company based in Carlton, Australia. Active Concepts is committed to the creation of powerful, innovative, engaging software to improve the quality and effectiveness of education and commerce. Its first product, Funnel Web has been internationally acclaimed for its ease of use and power in analyzing web sites, an essential activity in todays business environment. Active Concepts can be contacted in Australia at 613-9344-0933 or

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