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MachTen from Tenon Intersystems

Bringing the Power of UNIX to Your Desktop


MachTen is the only Macintosh product that combines UNIX and MacOS functionality. Based on BSD4.4 and the Mach kernel, MachTen brings the power of UNIX to your desktop at an extremely attractive price point. It is POSIX compliant and includes an industry-standard UNIX API. Applications that run on MachTen should be able to run on other platforms with a simple recompile. MachTen is implemented as a hyper-portable "UNIX virtual machine" for MacOS, and runs on all Macintosh platforms (PowerPC and M68K). Coupling MachTen with Apple's new G3 and G4 machines creates a high-performance UNIX Workstation.

MachTen Enables You to:

Develop applications in a Unix development environment, replete with the acclaimed GNU development toolset. Program in Ada, C, C++, Objective C, Fortran, and more.

Price: $99*
Run Xwindows applications, from remote workstations or on your Macintosh.
Compile and run OpenGL applications.
Run hundreds of Unix applications.
Run a high speed internet server, complete with WWW, FTP, NFS, DNS and print service.

Use as a remote file server for Docutech backup.

*The current version of MachTen is vers. 4.1.4, previous versions must upgrade to this version to run MachTen on Mac OS 9. Previous versions of the Macintosh Operating System will run older versions MachTen without this upgrade. The price of this upgrade depends on the version of MachTen you currently own, check our Order Pages for pricing.

Downloads and Reference Information

Power MachTen (Current version is 4.1.4)
Download the Power MachTen User's Guide (PDF)
Professional MachTen (Current version is 2.3)
MachTen & CodeBuilder FAQ
What people are saying about MachTen
Usenet: comp.unix.machten
Join the MachTen Mailing List

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