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Professional MachTen 2.3

MachTen 2.3 is Tenon Intersystems "UNIX for all 68k Macintoshes." MachTen 2.3 is an implementation of Berkeley's 4.3BSD Unix, built on a Carnegie Mellon Mach foundation (Mach 2.5). It runs as an application on the native Macintosh Operating System (MacOS). Included with MachTen are Unix programs and aMach kernel. The kernel supports a standard Unix applications environment which supports hundreds of standard Unix applications. That environment also allows all standard Macintosh programs, such as a Macintosh spreadsheet or desk accessory application, to run simultaneously with Unix programs. MachTen extends MacOS with true Unix multitasking, full internet communications, a distributed file system via NFS, and a Unix software development environment. Professional MachTen runs on all 68K-based Macintoshes -- including Classic, Quadras, Centris, and Duos and PowerBooks. MachTen is the only Unix that runs on a PowerBook!

Professional MachTen includes the basic GNU C compiler (version 2.7.2) and C preprocessor, a Motorola 68000 assembler, a loader, a symbol table utility, load module tools (ar and ranlib), a software management tool (make), a set of Tenon compiler libraries, a set of UNIX libraries, a C language beautifier (indent), the GNU source debugger (gdb) and lex and yacc. Among the libraries included are a MachTen UNIX system call library, the curses library, NFS library support, termcap library support, and a math library that provides an interface to Apple's Standard Apple Numerics Environment(tm).

In addition, Professional MachTen supports virtual memory and protection for UNIX applications. The package runs on all 68k Macintoshes, but you need memory management support to take advantage of MachTen paging and memory protection.

Also included is a high-performance X Window display server that conforms to X11, Release 6, of MIT's X Window System and an X11 client application development environment based on MIT's X Window System X11, Release 6. Tenons X client software enables the development of X applications under MachTen on the Macintosh. Included in the package are X programming libraries (e.g. Xlib, Xt, Xau, Xext, Xi and phigs), Athena widgets and utilities (e.g. Xaw, Xmu and Xdmcp), Motif (version 1.1.4) programming libraries (Xm, Mrm, UIL) and demonstration source (mre, widgetview, xmeditor, xrn), an xview programming environment (xview, olgx), and configuration files (the imake configuration system). Also included are complete sources for the MIT X client and demonstration applications. MachTen's internet connectivity lets you use X to access X applications anywhere in your client/server environment. Tenon's MachTen X Server software includes mwm, the Motif Window Manager and olvwm, the Open Look Virtual Window Manager. Our X server supports monochrome and 8-bit color, X lib extensions for device-independent color, an X Display Manager to simplify management of X applications, bitmap fonts in portable compiled font format, outline fonts (including Speedo outline fonts) and an executable font server.

The system includes online 'man' pages, in the traditional UNIX style as well as in HyperCard, a User's Guide and a Systems and Network Administration manual.

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