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Unsolicited Testimonials

"...I enjoy UNIX and X Window live on [my] PowerBook [180] with Professional MachTen.

I used it often when I was consulting/self-employed for 9 years and for all the router and tcp/ip work I have been involved in at major national and international IP providers.

...MacOS and MachTen was a superior solution to any Windows software platform combination. I could not have worked without it and been successful. I still refuse to use a Microsoft OS.

...I always knew in order for the Mac to survive long term that it had to be based on a UNIX OS.

New MachTen Customer, Saitama, Japan. November, 2001

"...After all my years of trouble-free use of MachTen I am sad to see it go. It was years ahead of its time for the Macintosh platform.

I used it often when I was consulting/self-employed for 9 years and for all the router and tcp/ip work I have been involved in at major national and international IP providers.

...MacOS and MachTen was a superior solution to any Windows software platform combination. I could not have worked without it and been successful. I still refuse to use a Microsoft OS.

...I always knew in order for the Mac to survive long term that it had to be based on a UNIX OS.

Tenon Customer since 1993, Virginia, October, 2001

"...Tenon's support is outstanding. Very responsive... I use several of their products (MachTen and Xtools) and have found them terrific."

Internet Architect, New Jersey, October, 2001

"I have used MachTen for the last two years, and I want to say that it has been a wonderful tool. It left me perfectly positioned to manage the move to OS X on our systems. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product."

X Application Developer, Canada, August, 2001

"...The system works great. I am using it to run my bookkeeping software for my 50 prson Unix software company in the Netherlands. We used to work with Vax's, Gould's, Sun's then Apple's A/UX, But MachTen is by far the best I have used so far. On my G3 it integrates so smoothly with Word and Excel that you wonder how we survived living without it.

Company President, Belgium, December 1998

"I have been a MachTen user for almost three years. This has been very beneficial to me because from knowing a little UNIX, I have become a system manager for several IBM RS/6000 and Sun workstations"

Systems administrator, Spain, November, 1998

"MachTen is an awesome product"

Professor, Brandeis University, August, 1998

"Having used UNIX (as a Systems Administrator) on all of the four major UNIX platforms for over 12 years now...my favorite UNIX is now MachTen UNIX!"

Systems Administrator, North Carolina, 4/98

"I've been using my Mac/MachTen configuration to maintain a piece of software that actually was developed for a VAX and then ported to a SunOS/X-windows and HP-UX. It took me under a day to port it to MachTen and get it running."

NASA Scientist, 3/98

"The flexibility of MacOS/MachTen/Virtual PC system is pretty liberating."

Developer, Illinois, 3/98

"It's REALLY good to see you making some great software. I've had MachTen for over 2 years now. I started my entire ISP in it running on a single 6100/60."

Internet Service Provider, New Jersey, 3/98

"MachTen makes your MacOS based system into a real world-class UNIX Workstation. The advantage of MachTen and the Macintosh platform is being able to run three maybe four OS's concurrently."

Apple Networking Specialist, Seattle, 3/98

"Last week I was in the field recording seismic reflection data and processing it in my tent at night on my Powerbook G3. MachTen made the use of my [free UNIX reflection processing package] a snap, and processing on the G3 is faster than on the older Suns I'm used to. I was able to compute results in a few hours after each day's recording and plot them convincingly for a geologist. That's every geophysicist's dream."

Geologist, Univ. of Nevada, 3/98

"I have been running CodeBuilder 1.0.1 on my PB1400c for about two months and it appears to be rock stable. The price is a bargain compared to a full MachTen purchase."

Software Developer, California, 8/97

"Professional MachTen is a great way to make your 68K hardware useful, and it even supports hardware memory protection."

ISP, Philadelphia, 7/97

"CodeBuilder is a really great program! It does what you said it would, and with a UNIX and X windows environment the learning curve was such that I'm already porting some UNIX bio-informatics analysis software on to the Mac. The program's really cool, you guys did a great job!"

Post-doctoral Candidate, University of Chicago, 6/97

"I'm very pleased with MachTen. The product was a pleasure to install. It's very stable and very fast. On a PowerMac 7600/132, Perl scripts run four times faster than on a Sun SparcStation 2!"

Network Consultant, Belgium, 5/97

"I am totally blown away by how cool MachTen is."

Professional MachTen Owner, Canada, 5/97

"Tenon Intersystems' CodeBuilder tool set is a stripped down version of Tenon's BSD 4.3 UNIX on the Mac product, and includes damn near EVERY gnu tool I know of, including gnat, g++, g77, emacs, kafee, an X server, OpenStep, and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is a great product for someone trying to learn Ada on their Mac. It will even produce Mac executables!"

Software Engineer, Indiana, 5/97

"If you need to run MacOS programs at the same time as UNIX programs, MachTen is the best game in town."

Computer Science Student, Carnegie Mellon, 4/97

"I have compiled some ANSI C programs for benchmarks and they are just as fast as the same programs compiled with CodeWarrior."

Software Developer, Sweden, 4/97

"Apple is validating your product."

Mac/UNIX Software Developer, Texas, 2/97

"Your package is amazing. I'm quite happy with this purchase."

Researcher, Pasteur Institute, France, 2/97

"We currently run the following: WebStar on a PM6100/32/700MB with ftp server/listserv and siteEdit [and] Apache webserver on MachTen 2.2 on a Quadra 6.05/32/1GIG, full protected memory. Apache/MachTen on the Quadra blows [Webstar on] the PM6100 away every time. Apache/MachTen gets about 12,00 hits daily, does DNS, and Mail for a small office, and is stable enough for me to use as a development machine doing stuff with C and perl."

Web Designer, New York, 1/97

"MachTen is quite possibly the most well-written Mac app I have ever bought. I am very impressed with the ease of porting software to MachTen, and I've ported to many modern UNIXes."

Network Administrator, NASA, 1/97

"Thank you for making such a comfortable tool."

Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 12/96

"We are using UNIX that runs on top of the MacOS, MachTen. It is way cool, you get all the power of named and BIND for DNS, but you can do all your file management and configuration on the Mac side. It's UNIX without the pain."

Network Administrator, K-12 school, November 1996

"The DR2 release of MkLinux is fast, but a far cry from MachTen. The applications aren't there, and hardware and peripheral support is limited. MachTen is still the most practical choice for UNIX on a Mac."

NASA Engineer, November 1996

"MachTen is a very neat solution to all our Mac-Unix problems."

Physicist, University of Stockholm, October 1996

"I found a marked increase in ftp speed when I switched our anonymous ftp server to MachTen from using any one of three other ftp servers on a Mac, NetPrezence, FTPShare, or the ftp server in InterCon's InterServer Publisher. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't have something to do with the TCP/IP stack MachTen uses. By the way, NetPrezence & FTPShare were running on a PowerMac 9500/132 compared to MachTen running on a PowerMac 610/66. MachTen still outperforms all ftp transfers."

Student, Georgia Institute of Technology, September 1996

"For Unix, I carry the incredible MachTen from Tenon Intersystems, which gives me a full Unix development system, including X Windows."

Columnist, Internet World Magazine, August 1996

"I found that MachTen was one of the more useful pieces of software I've installed on my Mac. Being able to smoothly switch back and forth between a Unix workstation/X11 environment and the MacOS environment is a great aid to my research. We've also used MachTen as an html server and as a pop email server for our research group."

Chemistry Professor, Stanford University, August 1996

"The NFS of MachTen, both as a client and as a server, works flawlessly between my PowerMac and SGI."

Researcher, George Washington University, August 1996

"Thank you for your prompt service (the service was exceptional). MachTen is amazing ­ one of the best!"

Macintosh Evangelista, Ontario, Canada, July 1996

"I just installed MachTen. I love it! You've made a great product!"

Medical Student, Washington University School of Medicine, June 1996

"Excellent product, killer support. I'm the IS manager at a large urban technology high school, and you've enabled me to keep my site wintel-free!"

Tucson High Magnet School, June 1996

"MachTen is a very good product. The ease of installation, the perfect integration with the Mac desktop, and the quality of the UNIX itself are quite outstanding."

MachTen Customer, Oxford, UK, May 1996

"We have used two MachTen servers for DNS & Sendmail for 18 months now with very good performance and reliability. One of these servers also runs multihomed NCSA httpd."

Internet Service Provider, Texas, May 1996

"I am in AWE of this product. I have been bowled over by how well this works! BSD 4.3 on my Mac ... I have experience with several Unix variants and it just surprises me to see how well you can implement Unix on top of/together with MacOS."

Corporate IS Manager, April 1996

"You clearly have the best solution anywhere for Macs."

Corporate President & Software Publisher, April 1996

"MachTen rules. You can't get RISC-based UNIX performance from any other product in the same price category."

Bulletin Board Administrator, April 1996

"I think MachTen 2.2 Professional is an awesome product. I'm running MachTen 2.2 on a Quadra 700 which acts as a mail, ftp, name, and web server for six in-house users and 32 dial-in users. It's been a totally solid setup!"

Internet Service Provider, San Jose, CA, April 1996

"MachTen ran NTRIGUE more than twice as fast as Exodus."

System Consultant, Insignia, April 1996

"MachTen is Unix for a Macintosh and, in fact, is the only decent Unix for a Macintosh that I know of."

UNIX Author, April 1996

"...We really like Power MachTen as a way to get Unix apps over onto Power Mac. The Radiance rendering system (in the form of our free port to Power MachTen) has been clocked faster on Power Macs than on some major recent boxes from SUN and SGI. Artifice engineer, February 1996

Artifice engineer, February 1996

"I'm surprised by the installation ... fast and easy ... and everything is ok. I'm very surprised of the power ... I can't believe I've Unix which runs with MacOS."

MachTen Customer, France, February 1996

"That MachTen even exists is a dream."

Unix Guru, Cleveland, Ohio, February 1996

"IMHO MachTen is a great way to keep using a Mac, yet have the power to serve the net the way it should be ... We are currently running the latest version of ncsa httpd, TRUE (not pseudo) multihomed server, sendmail, ftp and all without any problems ..."

Internet Service Provider, New York, December 1995

"Massive congratulations to you guys! Thank you for an incredible product."

Software Engineer, London, October 1995

"Most of the software I use in the petroleum industry is UNIX based and I have found the MachTen UNIX and X Window software an excellent compliment for my home Macintosh. Please continue the development of this powerful and most useful product for the Macintosh."

Petroleum Geophysicist, Australia, October 1995

"What MachTen does is really unique."

Engineer, BBN, October 1995

"*Great* product! I appreciate your efforts to keep MachTen a viable alternative to purchasing a UNIX box."

Internet Trainer and Consultant, Illinois, September 1995

"MachTen is an impressive piece of work, it does something (provides complete UNIX services under MacOS) that nothing else does, and does so with remarkable performance and reliability."

UNIX Developer & Internet Guru, September 1995

"I am very happy with your product running on a 540C Power Book. It is great to have a UNIX on a RELIABLE portable platform like the Mac power books."

System Engineer, MITRE, September 1995

"I've used MacX, eXodus, and Tenon's MachTen. I'm completely hooked on MachTen for performance and reliability reasons."

Engineer, Hughes Research Center, August 1995

"The product is great. This is what A/UX should have been. It allows me to transparently integrate Unix without major changes to my Macintosh enviroment."

Product Manager, Now Software Inc., July 1995

"Wow, I must say you guys are really great. Thanks, thanks, thanks. From the start your support and your product have been great"

Software Engineer, Adobe Systems Inc., June 1995

"It's a technical tour-de-force."

Professor, Brooklyn College, May 1995

"Actually I'm kinda amazed with MachTen. I've only had it for a while but the setup was a breeze. I have a Quadra 950 with about 30 extensions. After the MachTen install, I logged into the root account typed telnet and the router dialed and I was connected to a remote host. Not one config change. No Problems. No Fuss. Neat stuff."

Internet Consultant, San Francisco Ca., January 1995

"I've found MachTen to be very portable. I've ported packages originally written for SunOS, BSD4.3, Linux, OS/2 and HP-UX with almost no trouble."

Programmer, Reported on MachTen mailing list, December 1994

"MachTen rules."

Software Engineer at TTi, October 1994

"I like MachTen; love it, in fact - and, this is crucial to me, Tenon does everything possible and more to make their customers happy campers."

Posted to comp.unix.aux, October 1994

"I recently tried your X package on the PowerPC platform and your documentation suffers from too much humility. That rascal runs nearly as fast as my SPARC IPC, despite the worst case scenario according to the documentation, i.e., no floating point and Personal in place of Professional with virtual memory. I can't wait to see the PowerPC version!"

Engineer, University of Toledo, September, 1994

"MachTen is a welcome bridge between the worlds of Macintosh and UNIX."

Connectivity Magazine Publisher, September 1994

"I love it. I am very impressed. Wonderful job, folks."

Researcher, University of Colorado, September, 1994

"It runs pretty good on an 800! Similar in game speed to a SPARC2."

Systems Adminstrator, Ascent Corporation, September, 1994

"Runs great on a 520c. First time X has ever been workable on a Mac. Great potential here!"

Professor, Georgia Tech, August, 1994

"Now that I have MachTen, I am delighted to tell you that I am very impressed. In fact, my colleagues were blown away by it!!!"

Software Engineer, Apple IS Research Center Singapore, June 1994

"Congratulations on a good product. Installation took about half an hour from unpacking the disks to getting a login prompt -- most impressive."

Computer Science Professor, Nottingham UK, May 1994

"I'm impressed. Eight disks and thirty minutes later I had Unix running and talking to a Sun and a Linux box."

Professor, Georgia Tech, May 1994

"MachTen has helped bridge the gap between the Unix workstations and the Macs. By having at least one Macintosh "speaking" Unix we have considerably eased what was once an almost impossible cross-platform barrier."

Scientist, Merck Research Labs, May 1994

"I am getting more excited about MachTen, the more I use it. Especially compared to A/UX. I think you made a smart decision to implement a Unix system which doesn't use the Unix file system. Yes, there may be a performance hit because of the lack of write caching, but what a gain in simplicity and reliability. No fsck's. No inodes, superblocks, swap partitions, slices, and all the rest of it. No corrupted file systems from crashes or power failures. Installation and administration are the easiest of any Unix I've seen, and that includes a few. I am starting to recommend MachTen outside of the school department. With the newly reduced prices on Macs, it makes the best price/performance/ features _commercial_ Unix system available."

K-12 School Administrator, December 1993

"There are two great things about MachTen: 1) The installation was just about the easiest I have seen anywhere. 2) It seems to achieve the holy grail of a light-weight Unix."

Corporate Chief Scientist, Washington, DC, September 1993

"We are using an SE/30 running MachTen to support approximately thirty users locally and about two hundred on all of our UNIX machines by providing SMTP mail, FTP, TELNET, USENET news, DNS and UUCP services, all while I do my normal Macintosh wordprocessing and spreadsheet stuff. Quite impressive."

Corporate Network Manager,July 1993

"Using [MachTen] is giving me the experience I need to administer a larger UNIX system ..."

University Network Manager, February 1993

"We have been thoroughly impressed and enthusiastic regarding the product. It has proven to be very cost beneficial and convenient for developing UNIX scripts and C programs from a Macintosh."

Corporate MIS Director, January 1993

"The Unix that I prefer is from Tenon Intersystems. It's called MachTen, and is based on BSD 4.3 Mach. ... I recommend Tenon MachTen for the Powerbook."

Internet Researcher, January 1993

"... I am most pleased with such a nice product. I could not have imagined ten years ago having a powerful Unix in a seven pound package for under $5K."

Unix software developer, December 1992

"MachTen is ABSOLUTEY AMAZING!!!!! It is feature packed and FAST FAST FAST. ...You can use the MachTen CCDEV to adjust the CPU given to background UNIX tasks vs. Mac OS tasks (way cool) It comes with a NFS foreign File Access module to allow simple NFS mounting. It comes with a compiler that TOTALLY makes code MUCH MUCH faster than any other C compiler on the Macintosh. ... Yep that's right... The full blown GNU ultra-optimizing C Compiler!! ... It comes with all the net and comm stuff you could ever want including SLIP. It has good manuals. It comes with hypercard Man pages stack also. It is TONs of unix stuff (about 30 megs of files) It is MACH 2.5 (The same one NeXT is based on!) I love it dearly ... With MachTen I feel I have a hearty and rich full blown UNIX environment...MachTen has no gimmicks, no hassles, no conflicts. ...It does not alter your mac in any way except steal CPU cycles to run UNIX processes."

Reported on comp.sys.mac.programmer in October 1992

"I received the program today. This is the fastest and best service I have known in my 11 years of dealing with computer firms."

Professor, University of Iceland, September 1992

"I just wanted to give you folks a bit of feedback regarding MachTen. So far it's been terrific. The installation process is a breeze. Many kudos to you folks for that accomplishment. I've installed everything (kernel, development system, x server, x client s/w), and things that I expected to have trouble with (like getting the X clients to talk to the X server on the local machine) were no problem whatsoever. That was amazing ... getting all of the pieces of MachTen to work was trivially easy."

Graduate Student, University of Michigan, August 1992

"I have recently installed the MachTen 2.0 Kernel ... I have been noodling around a bit with the basic system. WOW, what a breeze, the documentation is actually useful, and the integration of Unix and MacOS is superb. Just based on what I've seen so far, it looks like I am here to stay."

Engineer, U.S. Advanced West, July 1992

"It's a real nice product with great potential. I have my csh and all that and still have my MacOS and all that Mac stuff, all internetworking and smooth. And I still have 8 megs of disk (I started out with 20.2 prior to installing MachTen)."

Professor, University of Pennsylvania, May 1992

"Yes, indeedy, sports fans, I have seen MachTen run on a MacPlus (with 4 megs of memory) with my own eyes. It truly does work, and pretty well too, thank you, given the speed of the processor ... "

Engineer, Bellcore, February 1992

"... I have a customer at a Navy research lab who has MachTen and is ecstatic about it. I've also seen it demo'ed at a show and it seems that anybody who sees it, and is interested in Unix, goes nuts."

Apple Systems Engineer, December 1991

"MachTen may also be one of the cheapest PostScript print servers for Unix available."

Senior technical consultant, Harvard University, October 1991

"I've had a copy [of MachTen] for a couple of weeks now. It seems a solid port of BSD4.3 to the Mac. It also has rich communications software (uucp, TCP/IP, SMTP, Telnet, FTP, etc), and also has a large number of utilities. Running it on an SE/30 with 8Megs on a single benchmark of my own (150 lines of sed through a 45,000 character document in 10 pipes) revealed that it was the same speed as an Apollo DN3500 and faster than a Pyramid 90x."

Reported on comp.os.mach in June 1991

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