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MachTen Applications

The following is a list of applications that are either included with or ported to MachTen 4.1.1. Many of the ported applications are included with the default installation, and others can be found on the MachTen CD.

Applications that are included with the default installation are noted with a "D".

Applications that can be installed separately from the MachTen CD are noted with a "P".

Applications that Tenon has compiled successfully (and whose source is freely available), but aren't included on the MachTen CD are noted with an "M".

An "I" notation indicates that a port is currently in progress.


ed 0.2 D Line-oriented file editor
emacs 20.2 P A port of GNU Emacs that will run in X Windows
vi 1.79 D The classic Unix text editor
sed 2.05 D Substitution editor -- useful for command-line text editing.

Input Methods

Canna 32p2 kinput2 v2 nkf 15k Wnn 4.2


imap 10.230 D IMAP server
sendmail 8.8.8 D Standard Unix mail server
procmail 3.11pre7 D Additional package for sendmail that does filtering and other features.

Network Clients

irc 2.8.21 P knews 0.9.7 P lynx 2.6 P
ncftp 2.2.2 P tin 1.3beta P xntp 3.5f P
uucp 1.06 D Unix-to-Unix Communications Protocol


cops 104 satan 1.1.1 sudo v1.4
tcp_wrappers 7.2 tripwire 1.2 xtacacsd 3.2
ssh 1.2.25 D Secure Shell Client (remote login program)
libcrypt 1.6 P The crypt library. Useful for creating applications requiring encryption/decription functionality


cvs 1.8.1 gambc 232 gdbm 1.7.3 gettext 0.10 gnat 3.09
lclint 2.1b libg++ 2.6.2 libwww perl 0.40 m4 1.4 p2ada
rcs 5.7 readline 2.0 Sisal 13.0.3 slang 0.99.33 style
db 1.85 P umb scheme 2.12 zlib 1.0.4
autoconf 2.12 D GNU Utility to assist in the creation. of "configure" scripts to ease multi-platform compilation.
automake 1.0 P GNU automatic makefile generation utility.
bison 1.24 P Standard Unix utility.
flex 2.5.3 D Fast lexical analyzer generator.
gawk 3.0.0 D Pattern scanning and processing language.
gcc 2.8.1 D The GNU C/C++ compiler.
gdb 4.16 D The GNU Debugger.
indent 1.9.1 D Program to indent and format C program source.
kaffe 0.92 P An Open Source implementation of Java independent of the efforts of Sun. Licensed under the GPL.
make 3.75 D Utility to compile and maintain groups of programs.
ncurses 1.9.9e D CRT screen handling and optimization package
binutils 2.8.0 P Application development support tools. (GNU Linker, etc.)


expect 5.19 5.20beta P  
perl 5.005_01 D Practical Extraction and Report Language
python 1.3 P  


inn1.4 P radius reflector 3.0b3 samba 1.9.15p8 pop3d 1.00.4 pidentd 2.7b3
gopher 2.3 P bootp weblint 1.017 cern httpd.B6 MOMspider 1.00
dhcp 5.16beta D Daemon that allows automatic configuration of network interfaces
apache 1.2.6 D The world's most popular web server.
ftpd 6.0 D FTP Deamon




bash 1.14.6m pdksh 5.0.6 tcsh 6.06 zsh 3.0 pre3


ASCII pTeX NTT jTeX VFlib 2.21 groff 1.10
info 3.7 ispell 3.1.13 less 321 latex2html 96.1 P
texinfo 3.7 nenscript 1.13++ textutils 1.19 teTeX P


afio 2.4.2 analog 1.9.5 bc 1.03 bing 1.0.4 cpio 2.4.2
diffstat 1.25 diffutils 2.7 dotfile 2.0 fileutils 3.13 findutils 4.1
gencat 022591 genscript 1.3.0 gcal 0.37 ghostscript 2.6.2 gnuplot 3.5
grep 2.0 gomac jgawk 2.15.6 jgrep 2.0 jtty
jless 177 less 290 lha 1.0 macutils 2.0b3 msql 1.0.16
nkf 1.5p1 nslint 1.5a3 Oleo 1.6 patch 2.1 prune
pvm3.3.9 rdb recode 3.4 rpm 2.2.5 rzsz9202
screen 3.7.1 sh utils 1.12 sharutils 4.2 stat 1.5 tar 1.11.8
textutils 1.18 tgif 2.13 p12 time 1.7 w3 msql 1.0 gzip 1.2.4


SatTrack 3.1.5 xgraph


clock emiclock 1.0.2 sunclock 1.3 t3d


kterm 520 vim X11 4.2m
nedit 4.0.3 D An X Windows text editor that is easy on memory but lacks the extensive features of Emacs.


angband 2.79v6 pmars 0.8 xevil 1.5
xsnow 1.4 xsol xtetris 2.5.2


radiance.3.0 xfig 2.1.8 xv 3.10a


Arena chimera 1.6.5 llnlxdir 2.0 xftp 2.0B4 xgopher.1.3.3


knews 0.9.3


mesa 1.2.7 mgdiff tkCVS 6.1a1 xpm 3.4c xview 3.2


tcl8.0 tclx 7.5.2 tix 4.0.5 tk8.0


ghostscript 2.6.2 xdvi.p17


disktool 2.0 floatbg kterm 5.2.0 mc 3.2.2 nls 1.0
xmandel 2.0 xscreensaver 1.26 xtar 1.4 ss 9.03 nxterm
TkDesk 1.0b4 xantfarm xcalendar 3.0 xpostit 3.3.1


ghostview 1.5 xpdf 0.4

X11/Window Managers

afterstep ctwm 3.3 fvwm 2.0.45 mwm olvwm twm

Coming soon...

The Gimp v1.0.2 M The GNU Image Manipulation Program. A GPL'ed image-manipulation program for Unix that is equivalent to Photoshop 4.0. Homepage: www.gimp.org
Note: GTK/Gimp will compile with no modification under MachTen 4.1.1, however there are minor issues involved and binaries are not currently available from Tenon.
Netatalk 1.4b2 I An Appletalk protocol emulation for Unix. Implements Appleshare and Appleshare IP protocols on Unix.
Window Maker 20.2 I Window Maker is yet another window manager for X. Window Maker is one of the most popular window managers for Unix and boasts a next-like interface. Homepage: www.windowmaker.org

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